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4 Hand Lomi Lomi

Two massage therapists demonstrate 4-hand lomi lomi Hawaiian massage

4 Hand Lomi Lomi is a metaphor for connection, cooperation and harmony with another human being.

Think about your most important relationships and the people you love. Today, I’m revealing a Hawaiian practice to manifest…


Non-verbal communication




Harmonious Following and Leading

and the highest healing for everyone involved.

It’s called 4-Hand Lomi Lomi.

Two therapists, connected to Source, work together to bring authentic Hawaiian healing to one very, blessed client.

Watch me demonstrate 4-Hand Lomi Lomi, Advanced Ho’oponopono Embodied, and discover a practice that can change your life!

4-Hand Lomi Lomi is a beautiful expression for life and how we can get along and interact in balance with the people we care about. This includes relationships at work and relationships at home.

Pretty fantastic, right?

Note: we did not practice that ahead of time. This is not a routine. Meggie just followed everything I did.

4-Hand Lomi Lomi is Connection


Present. In the moment. On the hook.

She flowed right along with me and it should be like that in advanced Ho’oponopono work.

In this practice, you find your flow, work within your rhythm, breathe and invite that compassionate breath of Aloha to pour through.

Meggie was sometimes like, not knowing what was next. So I gave her subtle cues so she would know what was coming next.

Leading 4-Hand Lomi is similar to dancing where you give a little neck turn or a pause in order to give a clue as to what’s coming next.

It’s super beautiful and so fun to do!

When I do this work, I am always smiling because we are completely synchronized. We have that flow, inviting intuitive guidance.

We are two pillars holding sacred space. Two people opening themselves and allowing Spirit to move.

In this spirit of harmony, magic can really happen.

So tell me…What did you learn by viewing this wonderful practice of forehand Lomi Lomi and how are you going to apply these principles within your daily life?

10 thoughts on “4 Hand Lomi Lomi”

  1. We had a demonstration when I was attending
    massage school back in 07. I fell in love with it then
    I think it’s the most beautiful technique
    Thanks for showing us ,again. Have a blessed day!

  2. While watching this video I wished I’m the person lying on the table. I dived into it and it was so fantastique, what a flow.
    short time – enormous effect

  3. Wow you guys are fantastique. What a wonderfull dance of healing. I wish I would have been lying on the table! I love your happy compassion for to be this partnered hollow bones to accomplish together the big plan. I can imagine that this happy work lifts you all three and so makes the work lighter to do.
    Mahalo for this powerful inspiration for how we can support each other in our every day life dance.
    Aloha from kuikilana 🌺😘

  4. Wow – you guys are fantastique. What a wonderful healing dance you did. I wished I had had been there on the table ! I love your happy compassion to be these hollow bones together to follow and fullfill the big plan. I can imagine that this kind of work together lifts you all three, and that smiling flow makes it kinda easier to get to point.
    Mahalo for this beautyfull inspiration for how to go through life and its obstacles.
    Aloha form kuikilani 🌺😘

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