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6 Amazing Benefits People Experience from Massage According to Experts

Amazing benefits of massage according to experts

We’ve been rated the Best Spa on TripAdvisor and Yelp, and our happy customers from around the world have shared these amazing and instant benefits that people experience after a massage session.

For many of us, the ultimate relaxation experience includes a day at the spa. Massage. Soak. Facial. Healthy Food. It’s a time to slow down, give your body some much-needed attention and reconnect with your deeper sense of self.

In a relatively short period of time, you can experience the mental and physical benefits of massage including relieving stress, improving circulation, easing muscle tension, feeling happier and more fulfilled.

1. Connect With People You Love

According to Psychology Today, massage is one form of physical touch that allows couples to feel more connected and able to easily overcome conflict. But we don’t need the experts to tell us we feel better when we take time for ourselves.

When you practice self-care and enter into a space of nurturing, you have more patience and nurturing to give. Fill your cup, so can then navigate life’s challenges from a centered, grounded place.

2. Relax

After a stressful day, we don’t always take the time to relax and relive the tension. In fact, this chronic stress is not just a result of overusing our bodies. Emotional stress is one of the biggest culprits.

Experts say that certified massage therapists can work your muscles and relieve tightness in muscle fibers you can’t relax with regular stretching. Some other things to consider about your massage:

  • Focus on deep breathing
  • Communicate: let your therapist know if there is any music, pressure, heat, scent or sensitive areas that should be avoided. No request is unimportant!
  • Be sure to drink plenty of water afterward. This will help flush any toxins released from your muscles during the treatment.

3. Get Inspired

We all get in a rut from time to time. Negative thoughts. Busy schedules. Stuck in the same old routine. Changing things up creates an opportunity to experience life in a whole new way.

Take advantage of the mind-body connection and connect with an expert who has dedicated their career to the gift of healing touch. What you arrive on the grounds at Ho’omana, you notice right away the genuine beauty of the land. Walk in the door and feel right at home, literally (the spa was created from a Hawaiian living space).

There is a reason we have over 300 5-star reviews and named among the best spas on Maui. At Ho’omana, we see ourselves as Ambassadors, charged with spreading the arms of Aloha around the globe.

One of the quickest roads to inspiration is to spend time with inspiring people. Find a spa and connect with someone who inspires you.

4. Be Mindful

Being mindful means to be aware of or conscious of something. Take time for yourself on the massage table is a beautiful opportunity to practice being aware of this-present-moment.

Your massage therapist begins by opening a sacred space for healing. This is an invitation to practice mindfulness message. Focus on the parts of the body being worked on and appreciate them to the fullest.

It feels amazing to focus on your own needs and clear the clutter from your overworked mind. Massage can also help you:

  • Eliminate Stress
  • Improve Memory and Concentration
  • Boost your Immune System

Ongoing mindfulness may even help make changes in your brain that help you to better cope with stress, even when you’re not on the table.

5. Get Healthy

In a recent study, doctors at Cedars-Sinai Medical Center in Los Angeles found physical contact may lessen depression, lower blood pressure, and even improve immunity. You can begin to receive the benefits of touch in just a few minutes per day.

In fact, they noticed biological changes after a single massage session. We all know that massage feels good. Now, we have the science to give us another good reason to make time to spa.

6. Receive Aloha

Aloha is at the foundation of all Hawaiian values. At Ho’omana this guides the way we create the hand-made organic products we use in the spa.

The foundation of Aloha directs the way we interact with one another. We meet our guests as ambassadors of Aloha.

One of the chants we share is E aloha kakou-we are loving.


Why Customers Rate Us as the Best Spa on Maui

At Ho’omana, we had an Aunty from our local community come to get Lomi Lomi. After her session, she said, “I feel so good right now. I really enjoyed the healing prayers that you chanted and it made me think about how I felt when I came in here.

I spent the morning nagging at my husband and being really crabby with my family. Now after the massage I feel so relaxed, my body feels so good, the pain that I was having in my hip is gone and now I want to go home and take some of this Aloha with me.

I feel like I should go apologize to my family and make Pono with them for how I was feeling this morning. Mahalo for this special gift.”

At Ho’omana, we are holding a loving intention for the highest good of each and every person that comes through the door.

We envision the client in their wholeness, in their fullness beyond whatever illness or injury they come with. These intentions create space for clients to step more fully into the light of aloha that each and every person carries inside.

So when you are looking for the Best Spa on Maui, we hope you find a space to experience the amazing benefits of massage that truly feels Aloha.

With aloha,

Kumu Jeana

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7 thoughts on “6 Amazing Benefits People Experience from Massage According to Experts”

  1. Thank you for stating that you should be sure to drink plenty of water afterward. This will help flush any toxins released from your muscles during the treatment. I recently have been under a lot of stress, and have been considering getting a massage to possibly help it. After learning more about
    massages, I will definitely further consider getting one.

  2. It’s good to know that a massage can help you to relieve tension from your body. My wife has been feeling stressed out lately, and I think a spa day full of massages could really help her. I’ll be sure to pass this information along to her for her consideration.

  3. I found it interesting how a certified therapist can relieve the tightness in your muscle fibers, that you can’t relax with exercise. My dad told me he was feeling the tension on his shoulder due to working in the yard. I’m going to let him know about finding a good massage therapist that can help relieve the tension on his shoulders.

  4. That’s interesting that massage can help relax muscles that you can’t get to with regular stretching. I would think that would be useful to help you unwind after a workout or a long day of work. I’ll have to consider getting a massage next time I am feeling tense.

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