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A Lesson on Wai at Maui Sacred Pools

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A kahuna o maka is a person who has mastered the art of listening to the rhythms orchestrated in nature, of watching how the stars, land, and living organisms work in synergistic patterns, and most importantly, of understanding the importance of how all elements come together to create sustainability to support life.

One of the most significant components necessary for our Hawaiian ancestors to have survived in these islands for thousands of years was our relationship to fresh water or WAI. Even our word for wealth waiwai was measured by an honoring of this relationship.

On a recent cultural excursion, Ho’omana Lomi Ohana sponsored Kumu Mike Lee, a modern Kahuna o maka and cultural practitioner to come to Maui to share his mana’o (thoughts). He took our students to two sacred Maui pools sharing the cultural significance of these brackish pools as being the pools of life and death.

Wai Water of life

The pool of life was teaming with mullet and rare opae (shrimp), beaming with light.

Babies would be birthed and cleansed in these sacred waters. As he shared about a white mo’o or lizard goddess who is the keeper of the freshwater springs that feed this pool, he was visibly troubled at the fact that not one of the seven springs nourishing the pool was flowing. He brought with him a ho’okupu (offering) of Awa and a Ti leaf wrapped offering of limu kala (seaweed of forgiveness). He called upon his ancestors, honoring the mo’o goddess and ancestors of the area, to restore the spring and allow life-giving water to flow into the area once more.

A short distance away was the pool of death. In contrast, this pool was dark as night with the heavens and forests of trees shimmering in it’s reflection. Kumu shared that this pool was a portal where those that had reached the end of their life would go to take the leap into Po- “the realm of spirits” where the aumakua –family spirits awaited them.

After a short talk-story, we returned to the original pool and to our amazement the main spring was gushing forth with fresh water. Within the course of 15 minutes, one by one each of the seven springs began flowing.

Along with the water was awe and inspiration overflowing in all who were present at the idea that we have not lost this deep rooted connection to all things.

The wisdom of our ancestors is alive and well and in the islands, all we need to do is watch, listen, understand, and flow in our life’s journey respecting and protecting nature as a support for all life forms.

These rare pools are in danger of losing their fragile ecosystem as water is being diverted and the springs feeding them no longer flow freely.

We cannot fail to respect and then take action towards preservation of our precious wai. If we do not begin now, we stand to lose their natural splendor, cultural value and spiritual significance provided for generations.

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Jeana Iwalani Naluai is a Hawaiian Practitioner committed to perpetuating ancient traditions.

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5 thoughts on “A Lesson on Wai at Maui Sacred Pools”

  1. i am so glad i had the opportunity to share knowledge and sacred space with uncle and everyone else. i wish i could be there for his return!!!

    1. We had the opportunity to go on another cultural gathering with Uncle Mike where he opened the spring into Honolua bay. It was amazing!!! La’au went with us and is in training to take his seat in this kind of work too.

  2. How wonderful! I am so glad you are doing such important work, and I rejoice that the water began to flow. I hope it continues.

  3. You are a treasure! Thank you for inviting me to the May Day hula at Kula sands. I loved the Nene Nene and beautiful plumeria lei which spread it’s intoxicating aroma in my home for days!


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