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Are you feeling lost, disconnected and alone?

Jeana Iwalani Naluai walks along the beach in Maui

Are you feeling lost, disconnected and alone…wondering if you’re the only one feeling this way?

I hear it all the time…

”It feels like I’m carrying the weight of the world on my shoulders.”

“I am walking through this life, but I feel so alone.”

“ It’s just too much…I don’t know if I can do this any more.”

There’s a common misconception out there. It says you must know your ancestors or have a cultural connection in order to receive their support and guidance.

You know how much I love to share stories, and today I have a personal share about how I came to experience that ancestral connection.

The Source of Connection

The truth is, every one of us has the ability to connect to the ancestors. You too can experience the confidence of knowing that you have never been alone and you never will be, either.

In Hawaii, our word for the backbone is Kua.

Each vertebra represents one generation of ancestral support, a foundation we can stand upright upon

Kua is found throughout our language in different ways to help us to see our connection. For example,

Makua kane = Father

Makua wahine = Mother

Aumakua =  ancestral guardian

Aumakua were animal guardian spirits that could move between, worlds to give us messages. They were also tasked with escorting the spirit into the next realm.

The spiritual connection was so strong, when someone passed you would pay attention so whether they came to you in the clouds, an animal spirit, a vision or a dream. This was our aumakua. Our way to connect.

Ke akua = the great ancestor, spirit source. Kua reminds us of our connection to divine spirit.

Everyone has a root of connection. You do not have to know your ancestors. The blood running through your veins and your DNA is proof that you do belong to someone. You do not have to call upon them by name.

Here’s how it happened for me:


Remember who you are. Realize you have always been led, supported and guided by your ancestors.

Tap into that ancestral guidance even now, and walk forward with trust in the journey that you are going to be supported.

You don’t have to feel alone.

The Source of the Calling

If you feel called to learn Lomi Lomi, know that it is a calling. I believe it’s why you found your way here.

Every culture throughout the globe had healers in their family. They passed knowledge from generation to generation. Even if there was a break in the passing, the connection to wisdom and knowledge still remains.

I believe you are here because you’ve been called to step into the healing lineage of your family.

My intention is for people who hear about these teachings feel inspired to tap into their own remembering of their own cultural knowledge and wisdom.

It’s time to begin to activate the DNA wisdom you carry in your bones. Bring that knowledge forward to help and serve our world.

Today, if you who have been feeling lost or disconnected, ask for guidance from your ancestors. Wait, listen and be open to receiving.

Stand in that ancestral connection with your vertebra steady and strong from their support. Welcome the guidance from those benevolent ones who have been with you always. They want to connect and support you in an even deeper way.


If you want to learn about the wisdom of the bones and the spiritual/energetic connection in Lomi Lomi, consider this your personal invitation to come to class.

Leave me a comment below or use this link and book a call so we can share these beautiful teachings with you:


4 thoughts on “Are you feeling lost, disconnected and alone?”

  1. Nicole Rowland

    Dreaming in my dream! I had 2 DREAMS that resonate
    I had that Happen last night and then here i am the next day kumu shares story about that!!!

    And I dreamt I was swimming in the ocean last night by the cages looking for sharks but I was outside of the cages away from everyone a lil afraid but not alot, enough to be away from the guide…and then you talked about SHARKS!!! And now I see the meaning after listening to your video it became so clear also,
    My dad disconnected too from his roots asca young adult. Now he is full throttle and helping the community with sacred teachings
    He found his way back “home” you could say & I want to carry that I feel like Lomi is a big part of that. So thank you! & thank you 4 the teachings and spreading of true aloha

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