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Lomi Lomi Q + A: Episode 1

Lomi Lomi Ask a Question

I am excited to answer all of your questions about Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage…ask me anything!

Have you been working on clients and feeling like something was missing in your practice? Are you looking for ways to connect spiritually?

For me, Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage was to these questions. My intention and why I gather in this way with you all online and in live retreats is to activate healers.

Over the last 20 years, I’ve taught more than a thousand students how to use Lomi Lomi, the spiritual teachings of Aloha and Aloha spirit to transform themselves, to support their relationships with their families and to help to serve their communities.

With all the hustle and bustle of the holiday season, I know it’s hard to find time for these things so mahalo. Thank you for being here.

The Missing Something

My original professional training was in physical therapy. I was working four, 10-hour days, which sounds like an amazing schedule. I had three days off each week.

However, I had to see a new patient every 15 minutes walking into the clinic. That’s 40 people I was seeing. Every. Single. Day!

Insane, right?

I loved the I was doing as a therapist. I was using many different therapeutic techniques, working with people and serving my community…I loved it!

However, I only ever got to see the patient for 15 minutes. And while they were getting better, my work was so heavily regulated by insurance companies that sometimes I would only have 3 visits to get them well. 6 visits, if I was lucky.

Over time, I knew I was only working compartmentally on the physical body.  I was the black sheep of my clinic because I worked from my intuition and not from a prescription.

If I had a prescription for physical therapy for the knee, but I worked on the low back because I knew that was the source of the pain, I would be get getting called into the manager’s office. I would be scolded because I didn’t have a prescription to work on the back.

We all know, the backbone is connected to the pelvis, connected to the hip bone connected to the knee. And I knew that the knee symptoms were coming from the back. But that didn’t matter. Only the prescription mattered.

I would actually have the clients come back during my lunch hour and I would work for free.

I didn’t want them to have to go back to the doctor, wait two more weeks, to get that new prescription just so I could help them out.

After five years of outpatient orthopedics and sports medicine, I was really discouraged.

Lomi Lomi Changed Everything

I had the wonderful opportunity to study with a healer here in Hawaii. Her name was auntie Margaret Machado and that was my very first teacher.

When I was watched her work, she was doing everything I learned in physical therapy school. Body mobilizations. Soft tissue work and doing massage, but she was doing it in a gentle loving way that I had ever learned in physical therapy school.

The missing component? Spiritual work. She was praying over the body and asking for ancestral support.

I watched the people transform right before my eyes. They walked in limping, yet walked away nice and aligned in their bodies.

And I thought.

“This is what I was meant to do.”

Yes, I went to physical therapy school. Thankfully I learned all that anatomy, physiology, kinesiology, and all of the things that I need needed to be able to do what I was really meant to do.

My ultimate calling is to bridge the Western way of looking at the body with the Hawaiian way of looking at the body.

In this approach,  we work down to the level of the bones. The place to work to the level of the soul where the person’s soul stories, ancestral stories and DNA lies.

This approach was never explained to me when I was in physical therapy school.

I didn’t understand the relationship between the spiritual body, the emotional body, and the physical body until I began to do this work.

Auntie Margaret was about 80 years old when I learned from her and she was still doing the beautiful massage work for her community.

I looked up statistics about average career span for a massage therapist in the United States. Would you believe that seven years is the average career span? Do you know why? 2 reasons…

Physical Injury and Burn Out

In 7 year, physical injury and burn out will cause the average massage therapist to leave the profession. Yet most of my teachers were 60 to 80 years old and still doing the work. What is that all about?

In our Lomi Lomi classes, we emphasize how important it is to ground yourself. When you walk into the session, you are prepared to hold sacred space.

At the beginning, I didn’t even know what that meant. I thought preparing for your session was just making sure you got to work on time and you had the person’s chart in your hands. But, that isn’t the preparation that I’m talking about. I teach you how you prepare yourself spiritually and emotionally.

Auntie Margaret always said, “Lomi is praying work” and “You have to love the body.”

I begin and end each session with prayer.

“Please support me, ancestors, great spirit to hold a sacred space for this person. I asked that no energy pass to or from us that isn’t for the absolute highest outcome of wellbeing for both the client and myself.”

I am not there to fix my clients. Instead, I hold a sacred space for spirit to move. Ultimately, the person has to say yes to receiving the healing and it needs to be the perfect timing for them to receive the healing and spirit.

Timing is Key

Timing is everything in moving energy towards someone’s wellbeing. I’m there to use my tools to be a vessel of healing.

My intention is to just love them, and that’s the secret recipe for transformation.

I’ve seen it happen on my table again and again and again.

After walking this Lomi path for nearly 20 years, I found there a several keys to maintaining my energy throughout the day.

  1. I must use my body in a way that I move from my center
  2. There is no need for effort or feeling like I have to fix someone
  3. Call in all my ancestral support
  4. Keep all of my joints open and loose as I work
  5. Use larger tools like my forearms and thumb pads instead of my fingers.

Using these 5 techniques, I found that I wasn’t hurting at the end of the day. In fact, I found that I had more energy after I was done giving a massage.

I never felt depleted and burn out at the end of the day, PLUS I found that my clients were getting better faster.

My clients reported feeling emotionally and spiritually connected and that allowed them to receive healing. They began to be healers for themselves!

Are You Ready for Lomi Lomi?

If you are thinking about making a change or feeling like there is missing something, come to Ho’omana for a training.

Right now, we’ve opened the door for our April Lomi Lomi training happening April 13-16, 2020. You will experience three different courses, during this amazing 2-week event.

People from all over the world come to Maui to learn Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage at the source.

One of the exciting features of coming to class is becoming part of a worldwide community and have all kinds of loving brothers and sisters that live all over the globe.

We will be starting the retreat with Lomi Lomi Fundamentals, the foundation of Ho’omana training. You will be learning:

  • History of Lomi Lomi
  • Ho’oponopono, the Hawaiian way of remaining in spiritual alignment with ourselves, with others and with the divine
  • How to be a clear channel so you don’t take on other people’s energies
  • The Ho’omana lineage of teachers, auntie Margaret Machado, Aunty Mahealani, Poepoe, uncle Mike Lee. Papa Sylvester Keppra, Aunty Mary Fragas, Kahu Lyons, and Maka’ala Yates, and so many more whose teachings have grounded and inspired me
  • Full body massage technique that is gentle, loving spiritual and gives therapeutic results.

I’ll teach you how to move through the body in a way to help unlock the joints and bring people into better alignment.

Then, we move into the advanced trainings: Core & Skeletal Alignment and Extremities & Attachments.

We’ll even begin starting the first stages of what we call Honoho’oiwi, which is bone setting.

Free Video Training (Time Stamped)

17:10 How to release joints of your clients WITHOUT pain.

21:05 Why “No Pain, No Gain” in deep tissue massage is a lie!

Ho’omana is a living classroom. We take you out to sacred sites of activation, Hawaiian temples and ritual cleansing in the waterfalls.

We’ll be doing outreach in our local community, which is one of the best ways to learn and a wonderful way to give back.

At Ho’omana, we are here to perpetuate that same spirit of Aloha that we can use to support our community to feel their very best as well.

If you feel called to learn Lomi Lomi, I want to make sure you get a spot in the April class. We have a few spaces left and I promise you this is going to sell out just like our February retreat.

If you’re planning to stay in our cottages at Ho’omana, you will want to register right away because those spots are first-come, first-served…and they go fast!

What is the next right step for you? I read every comment and LOVE to see them posted below!

With aloha,

image of kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

PS: If you want to learn more about the Wisdom of the Bones, the Hawaiian system for explaining the spiritual and emotional source of physical pain, join us for the next Lomi Lomi trainingCheck it out HERE

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