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Auntie Mahi Poe Poe’s Last Prayer for Ram Dass

Auntie Mahi Poe Poe offered this prayer for Ram Dass on November 3, 2004.   

We call on the great ones!

We call on the Maha Akua. May your Soul be given to all of those in time that have taught you, that have brought you to the land of palm trees and the sea. May the Aina caress you and heal the world. May you hear and send the message of HIS SOUL.

May your teachings be well kept as an Historical.

May you always remember those that came before you and will come after you. May you live in good health May the trail of kindness walk with you. May those that comfort you be enlightened by your teachings who can only do Honor to you if refracted what you have taught us. It is hard for this mirror, but to you I give Honor this night for He, an American that became an Indian to reunite the children of the soul again. They will use the envelopes of the Wind to carry you on the Wind. May you teach us tonight to those that sit here and to those that have come to seek your truth and knowledge.

May you always exercise the peace and wisdom from the teachers that you have learned. Many blessings on to you, my brother.

May you comfort the hearts of the lone and all the children that comfort you. May the Maha Rajas and all those that have come before Bless you and hold your close to their hearts. May Krishna bless your heart for you are a disciple who walks in his light. May you bring goodness to the world out of so much chaos. And we, who are soulmates in a time since the world first begand and those that can see the stars again se our Ancestors that enlighten our minds. Peace be with you. Krishna be with you and to our land of AKUA (Gods). May they follow you all the days of your life.

May Maui’s peace comfort you at night.

May the Akua help your stomach and your eyes to keep doing good to all those that promise to partake of the knowledge. Great is the Joy when one has learned so much in just one body. From our land we say Mahalo to you for your love and your teachings.

May you continue to see the Rainbows all the days of your life.

May your disciples respond to your teachings by learning and growing into the ONE Great spirit that lives in us all. Great is the man who walks in the humble light. Great is the mouth that seeks knowledge and kindness all the days of his life. Aloha my brother and to all that attend you ,may they receive great joy and happiness walking in your light as you journey on to all the different places of the world to be calling.

I will see you again in another time, in another place, where souls can sit and pray among the mountains and continue the streams of our God.

Mahalo nui loa hau’oli.   Now, there is a documentary on the life and spirit of Ram Dass, Fierce Grace. Watch the trailer below. Watch Auntie Mahi below. “When we forgive, we still see the imperfections of life… When we sit at the mercy’s seat, we do not criticize the imperfections of life.”

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