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Auntie Mahi Poe Poe’s Last Prayer for Ram Dass

Auntie Mahi Poe Poe offered this prayer for Ram Dass on November 3, 2004.
We call on the great ones!
We call on the Maha Akua. May your Soul be given to all of those in time that have taught you, that have brought you to the land of palm trees and the sea. May the Aina caress you and heal the world. May you hear and send the message of HIS SOUL.

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Oli: Hawaiian Chants for Wisdom, Well-Being and Preservation

For thousands of years until the 1820s, Hawaiians relied on story-telling for remembering – for wisdom-keeping. Before the missionaries applied a Latin-based alphabet to the Hawaiian language, Hawaiians passed down stories of history and myth from generation to generation through song, hula and chants – oli.

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Welcome, Baby Kahelelani

Baby Girl Heleikahelelaninokealaikala Tafuri Naluai was born January 30, 2016.
She is a calm, gentle spirit who has brought so much sweetness to our household. She was born sunny side up, which means that she was face up instead of face to the spine. The doctors said that this type of delivery is 10 times more difficult than a breech position. She was ready to face the world and didn’t want to miss a thing. She is perfect and healthy, and we are so grateful.

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