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My Present Abundance

Join us for the September training BOOK NOW (808) 573-8256​ My Present Abundance I can’t believe that I am about to have a 4th

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Hawaiian sea salt

Purify With Pa’akai

As we enter into this new year, many of us are thinking of ways to start over, excited about having a fresh start. It’s a time for setting intentions for well-being and personal growth – a time for cleansing. But what we often leave out of our New Year celebrations is how we intend to equip ourselves with the tools we need to succeed in creating whole wellness in our lives.

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To Empower a Beautiful Soul

“There is something important for us to understand,” begins kahuna Hale Kealohalani Makua, as transcribed by anthropologist Hank Wesselman. “The word mana is not some impersonal supernatural force that is spread out across the universe…

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Welcoming Makahiki

Each year, when the cluster of stars Makali’i appears in the night sky, Makahiki season begins. It is a time for celebrating abundance, gratitude and peace, in honor of Lono, god of rain, thunder and harvest.

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Poi with Kauhane Adams

Poi and the Story of Hāloa

Hawaiians’ deep connection to the ‘aina – the land – has roots in the very beginning of ancient Hawaiian culture. Hawaiians believe that humans are part of the natural world – not separate from it – and the Hawaiian creation story of Hāloa reminds us to care for the ‘aina the way that she cares for us.

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