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Kumu Mike Lee

Protect Mauna Kea: Kumu Mike Lee’s Mana’o

Can you imagine a world that replaced violence with words?
Since April, protectors of Mauna Kea have embodied Kapu Aloha, an ancient practice inspired by our kupuna, using compassion and Aloha with great intention as a response to the construction of the Thirty Meter Telescope (TMT).

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Welcoming a Bountiful Life

To bring ancient wisdom into modern times is a profound exercise in faith.
Faith in the natural world, faith in the source, faith in love and in one’s self– these all come into play as we carry our ancestors’ teachings into the present.

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laau kua lua

Our Past, Our Future

Join us for the September training BOOK NOW (808) 573-8256​ Our Past, Our Future What do you get when you combine the richness of

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