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Two massage therapists demonstrate 4-hand lomi lomi Hawaiian massage

4 Hand Lomi Lomi

4 Hand Lomi Lomi is a metaphor for connection, cooperation and harmony with another human being. Think about your most important relationships and the people you love. Today, I’m revealing a Hawaiian practice to manifest… Flow Non-verbal communication Synchronicity Breath Intuition Harmonious Following and Leading and the highest healing for everyone involved. It’s called 4-Hand

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Photo of Kumu Jeana and male massage therapist

My Best Advice for a Male Massage Therapist

In a profession dominated by women, I had a student recently pose the question, “What does it take to succeed as a male massage therapist?” Men are an important presence in the world of massage therapy. Unfortunately, male massage therapists are sometimes stereotyped as a sexual threat, maybe gay or not a good listener. Some

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