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Connect with Ancestors

Q: “I feel like people have such a close to connection to the ancestors and the land in Hawaii.  We don’t have that in my country.  How do I create and maintain that same closeness and connection here?”

In my international travels over the past several years, I hear some form of this question again and again.  Europe. Canada. The Continental US.

In actuality, your connection to the stars, to the elements, to the earth is not lost.  It’s in your DNA.

I saw it again and again throughout my summer travels in Europe. 

In Ireland, we stopped to visit the burial tombs at Newgrange.  Ancient inhabitants built these elaborate passage tombs, so the sun would shine right into the shaft, the light would hit the wall and illuminate different carvings.

These people would gather to celebrate at certain, astrologically potent times, like the equinox. Through rituals, and communion they created a cosmic connection with nature and the ancestors.

In Spain, I just happened to be there right at the time of the Solstice celebration called the Fiesta of San Juan. It was so incredible!

There were fireworks. Celebrations. People gathering. Fiestas Grandes, big parties, everywhere.  A changing of the season, usually celebrated on the 23rd of June.

It was here in Spain that this same conversation came up around how to connect to nature when your are surrounded by buildings in Barcelona. This question was answered just a few days later when I witnessed their San Juan celebration.

The lomi ohana of Spain shared a ritual that they do at this time of year and our family was allowed to join in.  It was a practice of release.

We gathered together and wrote all the things down that we desire to bring into reality.  Then we set them on fire.  As the pieces of paper burned, we released all of the things we wanted to let go of.

Renewal. A fresh start. By fire.

As the paper burned, they sang this song that I’m still hearing even today. These ladies allowed me to record them and I’m so excited to share it with you.

Grandfather Fire,

I give thanks, I give thanks

For opening my heart to healing and to love.

Grandmother Water,

I give you thanks for opening my heart to healing and to love

To Grandfather Air,

I give you thanks for opening my heart to healing and to love.

To Grandmother Earth,

I give you thanks for opening my heart to healing and to love.

When I heard this, I could feel this through my bones. They were calling upon a familial connection.  To the land.  The air.  To all elements. Just as we do here in Hawaii and have done for generations. They were already practicing but were not putting the same value on these powerful practices that their ancestors had passed down in order to help them remember their connection.

These are the types of ritual practices to help keep us in closer connection.

The same type of practices that indigenous people were doing all over the world whose remnants are still being practiced after millennia.

Not just my ancestors.  Your ancestors. It’s a way of activating and connecting to nature, to the elements, to Spirit, to your spirit.

Although sometimes we practice the ritual without the connection. For example, dressing up on Halloween for fun without acknowledging the origin of this celebratory event. Originally, this marked a thinning of the veil between the earthly realm and the ancestral realm. The time of year when we can easily connect with those who have passed on.

Ritual without connection.

Abrir me el corazon, Abrir me el amor. This idea opening yourself and your heart to love is universal.

Love is not found by culture or location. If you’re ever feeling like you don’t have connection, you don’t know how to connect to the root, just know that it’s in your DNA.

Each of us have the ability to connect, just as our ancestors did.  In times like the Solstice or the Equinox, or different magical moments of full moon ceremonies, these are times when people of the earth around the globe were in connection. 

Stars. Elements. Earth. The connection is not lost. It’s still within each and everyone of us, in our bones, in our DNA.

We need to listen to the “deep knowing” more, feel the connection and practice ritual to bring that connection in.

Are there any rituals that you are doing without connection? Are there rituals that you are doing to stay connected?

I invite you to share them with me.  

Any ways that your culture connects? I always am excited to see how we can hear your stories, so we can find a deeper connection to each of our own cultures…

PS: I have a really HUGE announcement next week! We’ve been working on it for months and we’re finally ready for the big reveal…stay tuned!!

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