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Extending our Aloha to Fort McMurray

I’m sure you’ve all been watching with heartbreaking sadness the devastating fires in and around Fort McMurray, Alberta, Canada. And now, just when people thought they could be going back to their homes in a few weeks, the fires flared up again!

What do we do when tens of thousands of people are hurting? And what can I do, one person, thousands of miles away?

Some of you know that I am coming to Edmonton in just a few weeks time teaching Lomi Lomi massage and spiritual teachings of Aloha in St. Albert. I will be sharing tools for healing the physical body, the fear and inevitable pain that come after trauma. One of these tools is Ho’oponopono, our Hawaiian clearing system.

Ho’oponopono can support the release of emotions when tragedy happens, find a way to make space for whatever comes next and allow us to manifest beautiful new beginnings.

It is my dream to have a healer in every community, especially Fort McMurray. So this is what I’d like to do. I am giving a 100% scholarship ($550 value) to a resident of Fort McMurray to attend our Lomi Lomi Fundamentals Training June 16-18, and I need your help!

Please come to our Facebook page and nominate a friend, family member, neighbor or anyone you know from Fort McMurray who would love to bring Hawaiian Healing to their community.

You can find out more about the training on our website, as well as complete rules and scholarship information.

We’ll announce the winner on Facebook at 9am HST on May 23

Please share this contest on your Facebook page, tag your friends and help us spread the word that Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Training Center is bringing Hawaiian Healing and Aloha to Canada!

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1 thought on “Extending our Aloha to Fort McMurray”

  1. Sending Love and Light to the community of Fort McMurray. What a wonderful thing you are doing dear Jeana.

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