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Four Hand Lomi Lomi


Four Hand Lomi

If you have never experienced an Ultimate Four Hand Lomi Lomi Massage, it is something everyone should try at least once! Two therapists lovingly massage the body with long, flowing, energetic strokes.  This incredible massage brings the body, mind, and spirit back into alignment.

I am always amazed at what an incredible teacher the body can be. I am excited to share two remarkable success stories about how Ultimate Four Hand Lomi Lomi affected one family in a positive way.

A loving wife in our town purchased a gift for her husband of a Four Hand Lomi Lomi Massage. He just had a stroke six months ago. For the most part, he had all his motor skills intact but there were still some difficulties.  For him, the most frustrating thing was not being able to remember words or recognize certain words spoken by others.

We started the Ultimate Four Hand Lomi Lomi by chanting a prayer of life, vitality and wellness.

 We asked the body’s deep wisdom to come into our session.  When we were finished, he got up from the table bright and joyful.

I received a call from his wife the next day. I could hear her emotion through the phone as she shared how grateful she was for our work at Ho’omana Spa Maui. During the past 6 months, the stroke had really impacted their relationship because even general conversation had become incredibly difficult.

After his Four Hand Lomi session, her husband was finally able to carry on a conversation with her again.  I believe the synchronized, rhythmic movements balance one side of the body with the other side and can ignite connections between the brain’s two hemispheres. She felt for the first time since the stroke, she had her husband back!

Our client loved his session so much that he turned around and gifted his wife a session of Four Hand Lomi Lomi!

She had been suffering with hip bursitis and was already scheduled for her 2nd cortisone injection.

This woman is small in stature and loved to wear high-heeled shoes.  In fact, she wore them on EVERY occasion. However, the pain in her hips forced her to start wearing flats. She was not a happy camper!

During her Four Hand Lomi Lomi massage, her therapists performed range of motion and repetitive energetic strokes to release and open all of her joints. The day after her session was complete, she able to avoid the injection AND get back to wearing her very stylish and sassy high heels.

What are your lomi lomi success stories?  I’d love to hear from you!  Please leave a message and let me know how lomi has positively affected your life. Thank you for all the love and your generous feedback.


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2 thoughts on “Four Hand Lomi Lomi”

  1. Susanne keao o kanahena

    Mahalo for sharing The Stories … I had The pleasure to be at your SPA for a Lomi …
    It is allways a pleasure for me to See how Centered People are While and After a Lomi … I am so thankful for this
    Once i like to Share your lessions on maui .. I’ve Met Lei’ohu and Maydeen … I Love to read your News … Aloha to maui

    1. Aloha Susanne, Thank you for sharing about your experience with lomi lomi. It is such a grounding and balancing practice. I would love to have you join our classes whenever the time is right for you. We look forward to your next visit.

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