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For Massage Therapists: Healing Can Begin Before We Ever Lay a Hand on a Body

Chant and prayer is powerful medicine. Aunty Margaret used to tell us all the time that Lomi was praying work.

Chant has several components. Tone. Intention. Words. Vibration.

It’s the intention that brings the transformation.

The body is 65-85% water, so when we chant with an I’I, a little bit of vibration in the voice, it moves water. The last layer is the words.

One of our coined proverbs is “I ka ‘olelo no ke ola, I ka ‘olelo no ka make” which means – In the word there is life. In the word there is death. As much as words can heal, they can also destroy.

You may not realize it, but there is healing in the words that we speak. When we use healing prayers and chants that have been repeated by many over thousands of years, the words are activated on a whole other level.

Think about Lord’s prayer – how many times those words have been chanted over time, how many hearts have been stirred and how many heads bowed in humility? Every time that prayer is chanted, it’s given mana, the supernatural life force that flows through all things.

In the same way, when we chant the ancient prayers, the Universe responds. It creates an activation and a level of connection between ourselves, Spirit and the person on our table.

Our prayers move water. Our chants move energy.

Healing can begin before we ever lay a hand on a body.

I want to share with you my first experience of the true power in healing words.

I had a student come to visit from Spain for a private massage training. When he arrived, like I do with all my classes, we began with a Pi Kai ceremony using Ti leaf and salt. We were in the garden, setting intentions for our time together.

I did a chant for him during the ceremony. Afterwards, I went inside to open the space and get the room ready for us to do our training for the day. I had told him to follow me in. I waited inside for a while and he never came.

I walked back outside and found him walking up and down the stairs. Up. Down. Up and Down. I invited him in again thinking maybe he didn’t hear me or didn’t understand what I meant.

Finally, he spoke. “What did you do?”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

“I crushed my leg in a car accident two years ago and I’ve had all kinds of rehabilitation with physical therapists and many different treatments, including massage. One thing that I still haven’t been able to do is go up and down stairs. I always have to walk sideways so all of my friends call me “The Crab. But look!”

To his amazement, he was able to walk up and down and up and down the stairs! Again, he asked, “What did you do?”

The truth is, I didn’t do anything. It just happened that Spirit moved and he was ready, and we both got to witness a miracle.

When all the stars align, I like to call it the Sweet Spot.

You + Another + Spirit = Sweet Spot

You, as the therapist, act as a vessel in the in-between petitioning for the healing of someone. They are ready to receive the healing and then Spirit is able to move.

Chant and prayer is powerful medicine.

A, E , I , O, U.
E Ola Kakou
E Ike Kakou
E Ola Na Kini E
E Ike Ka Lokahi E
Aloha E, Aloha E, Aloha E…

Universal Tones connecting to divine love
We are life, vitality, health and wellbeing

We are knowledge, wisdom, guidance
We are everlasting life, eternal vitality of spirit, generations of life
We are united in the divine guidance of infinite and enduring love

Personally, I use chant in my practice to connect with my guidance and also with the client’s guidance. I chant to move energy in the body or to help someone relax onto and get centered on the table.

I may use it to help bring someone back from wherever they’ve traveled during their time on the table because people go into a very deep meditative state at times.

I’ve also used chant to help bring the inner child back to the body.

Or bring the spirit back to the body after a traumatic event (that will be a whole other post!).

All of these are transformational examples of what can happen when we bring chant and healing prayers into our sessions.

I would love to hear from you! If you have questions or a story to share about using chants and prayers in your practice, leave a comment below.

Please help us to get the word out about this healing work and share this post with you friends!

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15 thoughts on “For Massage Therapists: Healing Can Begin Before We Ever Lay a Hand on a Body”

  1. Please help learn how to calm my spirt and just allow the healing energy to work through me. Taking my wants and desires out of the picture. Accept and believing the spirit will work through me. Taking my expectations out of the picture. Thank you

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  4. Jeanne

    Would you forward your personal email for the photos and videos of the Finishing Ceremony? Magical stuff has happened in my life since our training.

    Remember what I shared about never knowing my grandmother. A powerful shift happened this morning my pelvis aligned after hearing someone close is now five years clear of cancer of the womb.

    As an empath chanting keeps me focuses on the hear and now myself, my space and my boundaries.

    I remember you shared how easy it is for Hawaiians to realign the womb. The moment you mentioned it resonated within. I trust this is happening for me now. I am also chanting to fulfil my dream of swimming with Dolphins in Hawaii and spending some time in your Spa in Hawaii training.

    I want to share my videos and photos directly with you of the finishing ceremony. I did email them to Louise and Christine as well but I have more insights that are private.

    There is no right and there is no wrong. We know great joy when we know great loss.

    Remember in circle after chanting when you greeted the stone a beam of light the shape of the stone shone forth from your third eye. A warrior of the light guided by spirit. Now is our time to shine.

    I am so grateful to Louise for sharing her experience of Hawaii and bringing you to Ireland. We are blessed.
    Slan agus Beannacht

  5. Ascolto spesso questo canto e ogni volta mi sembra di fare il pieno di ossigeno, lascio cantare te prima dei miei massaggi, la tua voce mi aiuta a fare e trasmettere meglio quello che faccio; e le persone vanno via sempre con un grande sorriso….per me questa è pura guarigione! Sabrina ( Roma)
    often listen to this song and every time I seem to get your fill of oxygen, I leave you to sing before my massage, your voice helps me do what I do best and transmit; and people always go away with a big smile …. for me this is pure healing! Sabrina (Roma)

  6. Tracey Ha'aoLakainapali

    Aloha Kumu Jeana,
    mahalo for articulating, writing & sharing this powerful & profound piece.
    me ke aloha pumehana, Tracey

  7. Aloha, I have just watched your video and was so moved I could not hold back the tears. Thank you for giving me the gift of release. So many things have been difficult for me this year, and the last few. I have tried to support many people and remain strong and that gave me 2 minutes to feel for myself and feel love. Thank you from a future student.

  8. Jessica Oliveira

    Mahalo for sharing this beautiful oli with us. The chanting every day in class was the part I loved the most. A hui ho Jeana.

  9. Aloha e ke Kumu
    Love the talk story! When in Thailand, I heard an elder/healer state that “all the healing takes place in the prayer…everything else is just window dressing..”
    I wish you safe travels…love and light…JJ ps..Ahui Hou!

  10. Mari Mamikunian

    That’s so beautiful, I hope to come to Maui and get a treatment sometime this year! I do many of the Sanskrit chantings I’ve learned and they always move me. Do you do any long distance healings?

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