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Welcome! You’re here because you clicked on the “Ho’omana Certified™” Lomi Lomi Practitioner seal on the website of one of our students.

That means that the service that you are considering investing in is Ho’omana Certified™.

Ho’omana Lomi Lomi practitioners combine ancient native Hawaiian healing practices with modern day understanding of therapeutic bodywork to offer a unique experience that affects the entire being – Body, Mind and Spirit.

They have been trained in a Living Classroom on the island of Maui from Native Hawaiians who are committed to preserving authentic Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage practices.

While most massage therapists, holistic health and alternative medicine professionals receive extensive training on how to treat the physical body, there is very little instruction on how to maintain your own sacred connection to ancient wisdom and wellness. 

Ho’omana Certified Lomi Lomi practitioners are known for consistently delivering outstanding therapeutic results for their clients while maintaining their own personal power using the principles of

  • Aloha Spirit
  • Kokua (Helpful, in supportive community)
  • Malama (Taking care to tend, Preserve, Protect)
  • Pono (Righteousness, Harmony, Balance).

If you’d like to learn more about the Hawaiian model of wellness, a system to heal Body-Mind-Spirit and how you can learn Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage, I’ve created a free video training to share with you.

5 Pillars of Hawaiian Healing for Massage Therapists, Energy Workers, Alternative and Holistic Healthcare Professionals

Watch these short videos and you’ll discover:

  • How Aloha can literally transform a person right in front of your eyes
  • The Exact Process I use to protect myself from taking on other people’s energies
  • Why Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage practitioners are still able to do their work at the age of 70…and beyond!
  • The Hawaiian Way of bringing spiritual connection to your holistic healthcare practice

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