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How Massage Can Affect the Body, Mind and Spirit

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Your Work Matters

Do you realize the impact your massage therapy work has on every aspect of your client’s life?

I was sitting with the family, watching “The Voice”, and I heard one of the contestant’s fathers giving her a pep talk before she went on stage.

“People aren’t going to remember what you said. They’re not going to remember what you did. They’re only going to remember how it makes them feel.”

Massage Therapy is Not Just Work

This profession of massage therapy is also a gift, because we’re in a powerful position to impact the physical body of our client. We help them increase circulation, relax muscles, or release tension and increase range of motion in joints.

In Lomi Lomi, we have the ability to also impact someone emotionally through loving touch. We hold a beautiful space that’s safe for someone to be able to soften and completely let go.

The foundation of the work we do in Lomi Lomi is spiritual. This is just one unique aspect of our work within the field of massage therapy.

Lomi Lomi practitioners have the ability to affect change on the level of the soul and spirit. We hold an amazing space for clients to release pain, suffering, blockages, even old traumas.

What an honored position to be in, where someone trusts us enough to shift their perspective and change their whole life!

Everything Can Change in a Moment

I was teaching in Europe this summer and had the opportunity to speak with a woman who shared her experience at Ho’omana Spa Maui. After receiving a massage from one of our Lomi specialists, she would normally have walked out onto the deck to light a cigarette.

However, this time she had a new thought.:

Why would I do that? I’m feeling so good. My body was just held with such beautiful Aloha that I don’t even have a desire to put another cigarette in my mouth.”

She quit smoking cigarettes that very day and hasn’t had one since.

Furthermore, since that moment so much has changed in her life. She had called in the partner she wanted to stand beside her and manifested the perfect lane in her career path.

It all began with a decision to begin to caretake her own spirit. The direct result of being taken care of on the massage table.

Your Work Matters

Even if you’re not a massage therapist, with every interaction we have that same ability to make an impact on another human being.

Take the opportunity to make them feel something, to remember something about who they truly are. Create a sacred space for the people around you to become the person they really want to be and manifest the desires of the heart.

What a gift.

I’m filled with gratitude for the gift that massage and lomi lomi Hawaiian healing has been to me over over 20 years of being in this profession. The work we do as therapists is it’s own special reward.

Where can you see that you’ve really made a difference?

Share your client stories with me in the comments below, so I can celebrate you!

With aloha,

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6 thoughts on “How Massage Can Affect the Body, Mind and Spirit”

  1. For me, massage therapy is not just a job, but a profession. The joy that the pain goes away as a result of the treatment and the patient can smile again is a great experience when you see the result and you were the one who witnessed this process.

  2. I’m an esthetician, and spa owner. I’ve started incorporating singing bowls, Ayurvedic modalities, reiki and energy healing work to many of my clients during facials. Many of them will come out of the treatment room with tears of joy because they are so happy. So many of us have been deprived of human touch & connection. (Especially during covid). Allowing ourselves to drop in, and trust someone to hold space for us with bodywork, skin care healing, and attention to calming the nervous system in the body is allowing us to help our parasympathetic nervous systems. We have been in flight or flight for too long and the power of touch is incredible.

    1. Aloha Jen!

      Mahalo for taking the time to share your experience! I’m glad to share these Hawaiian teachings with you! ❤️️

      I’m filled with gratitude for the gift that massage and Lomi Lomi Hawaiian healing has been to me over over 20 years of being in this profession. The work we do as body workers and therapists is it’s own special reward. 🌈

      Thank you for making a difference! 💖

  3. Today a client has told me that she does not remember that nobody has ever touched her so delicately. He has been surprised because the massage has been noticed powerfully and just with the strength he needed, but he has been surprised by the delicacy and care with which he has been treated. Today I feel very very happy. Mahalo Jeana💞

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