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How to Protect your Energy

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“I love my work, but I’m so sensitive that other people’s energy is making me struggle. I feel tired, and drained.”

I hear comments like this all the time. As healers, we give and give, so it’s easy to forget about our own needs.

When your mana, your personal, divine essence, is low – you feel weak, unprotected and stressed.

There is a solution to the cycle of over-giving, fatigue and overwhelm.

In today’s live video training, I’m giving you 5 practices that you can start using TODAY to protect your energy.

If you want to stop taking on other people’s energy and set your energetic boundaries for success, this training is for you!


Notice the Flow of Energy

In Hawaii, each district had access to the mountaintop and sea. This district was called, ahupua’a.

The clouds gather on the mountain and collect the water. Fresh water rains down onto the mountain top, flows through the rivers, and runs all the way to the ocean for purification. 

Our energy moves very similarly. 

It starts with a thought in the mind, and runs down through the Makaloa (third eye), then the throat, heart, solar plexus na’auao (belly button), which connects us to our ancestors. After that, it goes through the gut, down to the piko’ah, the connection to future generations..

Imagine you had a stream that supported the life of every living thing. Would you throw garbage in it? Would you stand by as it filled with waster? Of course not!!! 

It is the same with your energy. 


4 Simple Techniques to Protect Your Energy


Try these simple techniques to keep your energy flow strong and clear.

  • Wash Your Hands 

Water has mana and is helpful for protecting your energy. Take the opportunity when you wash your hands to cleanse with intention. Ask the water to use its mana, on your behalf. Thank the water for all of its mana. 

You do that between clients and again at the end of the day. Take a shower as soon as you get home. Cleanse the days away with intention and gratitude. Then, you can join your family with clear energy.

  • Get into the Ocean

Salt is something that we use for purification here in Hawaii. Traditional Hawaiians would use salt to wash the body, and they would go to the sea to cleanse if they were not well. We would ask for the ocean to purify our energies. 

If you don’t live by an ocean, you can create that same energy. Take some sea salt and put it in a bowl of water. Bless your space before and after your treatments.

We do that right here at Ho’omana Spa every single day.  Our hand-made Hawaiian mists all contain a western herb, a Hawaiian herb, and Hawaiian sea salt.  

  • Tears 

Encourage your tears to flow. Let yourself have that cry. 

Tears move the waters in the body, salt and water. Tears cleanse the heart, especially if there’s sadness that’s turned to anger.

Let the energy flow. 

We are amazing creatures with unique, incredible miraculous abilities to bring in exactly what we needed at any point.

  • Wrap-up

I teach about these types of conversations in all of our workshops and classes.  You learn how to stay clear, to maintain a high vibrations, connect with the land, the divine and the Hawaiian culture.

If you want to learn more techniques to raise your mana, leave a comment below and I’ll send you my free mini-guide “10 practices to Elevate, Reclaim and Maintain Your Energy”.

Remember, I see every comment and love to hear any feedback!


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  1. I’ve got 1 last day in Maui and just learnt about you as real deal..oh miracle please 🙏 send me an availability for female lomi lomi b4 I leave early are booked..I to get your well-being gifts..this is beautiful website

    1. Aloha Pippa,

      Mahalo for your interest in our Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage programs. We would be honored and delighted for you to join us!

      Please email us at for a timely response on your inquiries and bookings.

      You can check our available classes at for our workshops.

      We would love to have you part of our Aloha Community!

      Warm Aloha 🌈🌈🌈

  2. Thank you so very much…mountains to the sea, don’t worry, cry, spray cleanser…all things I so needed to hear. I am hoping to come to one of your clinics but can’t manage it for a year or so. I would love to take online classes till then. And I definitely need sprays for my massage room! 🌺


    Aloha kumu,
    Thank you so much. 🙏💖
    Please enroll me for your next online workshops as I can’t travel. Still being in awe with the first one this past July. Love the chants. My daughters chant with me too (5 and 2 years old). Love the teachings, the protocol.
    Love from New Caledonia/Kanaky.

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