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Hula and Ho’oponopono

Photo of hula dancer with title of blog post Hula and Ho'oponopono

Hula dancing and Ho’oponopono speak to the soul.

Movement is  a wonderful way to express yourself. It gets your body warm, gets your circulation going, helps with your mindset and just feels really good!

With hula, we tell a story and and the dance I’m sharing with you today is actually a prayer.


In Hawaiian culture, the hula is more than a dance. Hula tells a story, celebrates historical events and can even be a form of worship.

It was our way of honoring the ancestors and those that went before us as well. This Hawaiian practice was a way of connecting to nature and being the waterfall or the rainbow or the river. The intention is to embody each of those things.

When we dance hula, we are connected to all things. It’s one of the things that makes me feel really alive.

The song I am sharing today was written by  Randie Fong. The first moment that I heard it, the song had a place in my heart.

It’s called, “Bless This Land”

Hula is so much fun to dance in a skirt. If you have a pareau or wrap-around or sarong, go grab it. And guys, you can use sarongs too.

Hula is not just for the ladies. In fact, the finest warriors were chosen from the hula dancers. The men danced hula as well as the women.

This is a prayer of healing. We are asking Great Spirit to surround us with his Aloha.

Bless this land Ke Akua

Bless this land

From the pua hiwi

To the glistening sand

Crimson blossoms of lehua

Dance your praises in the wind

Let us honor our kupuna

Bless this land

Let the life giving water

Flow freely in the streams

Through endless fields of kalo

Swinging canopies of green

Heal our people and guide us

With your loving hands

Aloha ke akua

Bless this land


Ho’oponopono is about healing. Restoring harmony. Taking right action. And that’s what we need right now.

When we’re all at home, separated and in our thoughts and in our worry, I want to teach you practices that you can use to embody the Aloha within you.

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Ho'oponopono Workshop with Kumu Jeana Iwalani NaluaiI’ll be sharing moving meditations, just like this one, quiet meditations, tools and exercises that you can use to help to clear away anything that doesn’t resonate with your inner truth.


Aloha is your birthright. The teachings of Ho’oponopono will help you clear the way to dream big and reach for the actions that will serve you and the whole world in the next opening.

When the doors open and the path is set for us again, how will we be showing up in a different way for ourselves and for others?

I would love to work with you…REGISTER HERE and reserve your space in free workshop online.

I hope you enjoyed learning this hula. Keep practicing. Send this prayer, this moving prayer, with all of your mana, your life force.

Allow it to extend out far beyond the walls of the house that you’re in right now. Know that your light is bright. Your energy continues on the intention from your heart.

Big Aloha from me to you…I’m sending you a hug from far away.


Photo of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

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