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Intuitive Guidance from the Universe

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How do you ask for Intuitive Guidance from the Universe?

How do you trust the guidance you receive?

What if you don’t receive any guidance, or it’s not clear?

My students ask these questions all the time, so if you have been wondering how to strengthen your intuition you are not alone. Today, I want to share my personal process for receiving, interpreting and taking action on messages from the Universe.

How To Ask For Intuitive Guidance from the Universe


You may be wondering if your intuition is correct or if it’s just “all in your head”. This is a great question!

I think it’s very important to stay in an inquisitive mindset. However, don’t let your questions create self-doubt. In my experience, 99.9% of the time your FIRST intuition is correct.

The 0.1% uncertainty is created by the mind and often leads to poor decision making or choices that are not in alignment with your highest good.

So how do you create more confidence in your intuition?


First, reflect on all the times the Universe has led you in the right direction. Can you think of a time when you followed your intuition, your “gut”, your heart, and everything worked out?

Have you experienced a vivid moment of Deja VU? A message from the Universe telling you to “Pay attention” and something important happened…or maybe it was a dream with a message that came to pass.

Take a moment and reflect on those times when you actually listened. Did your vibration sing? Were you feeling empowered?

When you are in connection with high spirit, you feel positive and radiant. Let your connection to Source give you the courage to release doubt and negativity.

Trust your guidance on every step of the journey, because the Universe is always available. Your only job is to be sure the connection to Spirit is present.

How to grow Intuitive Guidance


Make time to grow your connection with Spirit. Greet the day with gratitude and give thanks for all the things you have received. These are moments of introspection, meditation, and prayer, where we ask for guidance and protection.

It’s really about making sure that your third eye, the center of intuition, is in alignment. In the Hawaiian language, the MAKALOA – great vision or long vision – is happening with MANAWA,  your crown, your point of connection to source.

Cultivating your connection with spirit is automatically going to grow your intuition. The more you invest in maintaining this connection, the easier it is to receive and discern your Guidance.

How to Ask for Intuitive Guidance


Here is a specific prayer that I use when I begin a session with a client.

“If I am going to receive guidance in this session for this client, allow the energy to be pure.

I ask for guidance that is aligned with the very highest good from the very highest source for this person and for myself.

Allow no energy to pass to or from us unless it is for the highest.”

This gives me confidence in my ability to use sound judgment and take any action needed in response to the intuitive guidance I receive.

There is no room for ego in intuitive guidance. It’s not a competition. There is nothing to prove. Unfortunately, I’ve experienced situations with practitioners who, without my permission, blurted out things that were personal to me.

Be aware. You can really hurt someone if you share a message at the wrong time or with the wrong person.

Many people have a gift of Seeing. However, I don’t think we’re meant to see everything. We are here to experience life.

The very trusted seers and guides, in my opinion, don’t have ALL the answers. They don’t tell me every, single thing right away.

Sharing Intuitive Guidance

Some messages have special timing, so knowing WHEN to share is very important. Share responsibly and with integrity so your actions will be in alignment with the highest good for everyone involved.

Papa Sylvester Kepelino “Papa K”, one of my great teachers, said the two most important things when you’re doing Lomi Lomi practice is trust and faith.

If you give the wrong message to the wrong person, you are going to lose their trust. The other impact is you lose faith in your ability to receive trusted guidance.

My personal 5-step process

Here are the questions I ask my guides before I share my intuition:

1. “Is this the right time for me to be sharing this information?” If I don’t get a yes from the universe, then I DON’T share.

2. “Am I the messenger?” I usually ask for a sign that I am supposed to be the messenger.

3. “Is this the right time?”

4. “Is this the right person I’m supposed to share this with?”

5. Get permission: make sure the person has the opportunity to choose to hear the message that wants to come through.

Never take away someone’s freedom of choice. When I force my will on you, that is not aligned with source and spirit.


Sometimes, a “Yes” is very clear, as a voice whispers in your ear. I’ve used muscle testing also.

Put your thumb and middle finger of each hand together, like forming two links on a chain. Then, ask your question. Test strength by resisting as you pull the links apart.

If it’s really hard to break apart, that’s my “yes”. If I can separate them easily, I take it as a “no”.

I’ve heard of people using pendulums to get “yes” and “no”. It may take time, but practice makes perfect.

Be patient and know that the right timing will come.


I always ask before I share intuitive guidance. “Would you be open to hearing if I had something to share with you?”

“No, no, thank you.”

“I don’t really believe in that.”

“No. I trust my own guidance.”

And that’s okay. Even when the universe has given me all of these yeses, the power of choice is something I’m not willing to take away from someone. No matter the cost.

When this happens, it’s my job to get through any awkwardness and just keep giving Aloha. I can be confident that I showed up in integrity. I release the person on their journey and envision a positive outcome for all.

Don’t be disappointed if you don’t get the yes to share, because it’s not time.

Be patient and trust in the Universe’s plan.

Remember, intuitive guidance is available to all. Use these practices to receive, interpret, and take action on messages from the Universe.

Now, it’s your turn…

What is ONE thing you can do to strengthen your intuition today? Share in the comments below.

3 thoughts on “Intuitive Guidance from the Universe”

  1. Thank you for the confirmation. Your wisdom is so profound, and at such a beautiful level. Much love and aloha! Regards

  2. MAHALO for always sharing Jeana! I have been with the pendulum for a few years but it was not until this year that I started applying it after a Lomilomi massage session on the person. And it was really magical some muscles trembled and after releasing them with the pendulum no longer. The person sometimes notices tickling or heat. I asked the person and the pendulum for permission (always). I had faith and I have it, I have gradually gained confidence, I have been feeling the way, MAHALO for everything always! A Big hug.

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