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Lomi Lomi and God

Q: How does Lomi Lomi relate to teachings about God, Jesus Christ and the Bible?

In Hawaiian spiritual teachings, Ke Akua is the name we use for God, Creator, Source of all, the most high, etc.  I believe the fundamental question is whether or not lomi lomi and Hawaiian spiritual teachings are in alignment or out of alignment with that.

People come to our retreats to learn lomi lomi.  However, often they discover their true purpose for coming is to reignite their connection to God and the divine.

The majority of my kumu, teachers, were devout congregationalists, Seventh Day Adventist Christians, even Mormon in their religion. They also carried with them and lived by the sacred spiritual laws that were practiced by the Hawaiian people.

These laws are universal.

For example, in the Bible, Jesus Christ said one of the greatest commandments is to love thy neighbor as thyself.

In lomilomi and the Hawaiian teachings that we’re sharing at Ho’omana, we speak of Aloha.  Aloha is the breath of God. The divine breath in every thing.  Literally bringing the Spirit of God into everything.

When we work with Aloha, we are working soul to soul.  We ask the plants to be used for healing, because we are acknowledging the spirit in the plant. We are acknowledging the ha, the spirit of God in each stone. Each plant. Every thing and every one.

We call God by a few names in our Hawaiian language.  Kumu kahi, the one source.  Ke Akua, our creator. God is at the pinnacle of all teachings and the source of healing.

Lomi lomi is praying work.  When we pray, we are petitioning support from our ancestors and the Great Ancestor.

In lomi lomi, we work on the kua, the backbone. Kua is a thread seen throughout our genealogy and history. It is the root work for how we address our elders. Makuakane, father.  Makuahine, mother. Aumakua, our ancestral guardians.

Aakua, the ancient ones walked this earth. Pele, Lono, Kane, Kanaloa. Their descendants are still walking these islands today. We share their stories to share the spirit of what they carried while on the earth.  We tell of their lives. Who they were. Where they’ve been. The lessons we can learn from them.

We petition the Great Ancestor, Ke Akua, for healing and support as we work on the body. 

We ask for healing of the mind, body, and spirit. These chants help to affirm the support. Our chants speak affirmations of what we want to bring into each and every session.  Gratitude. Aloha. Unity. Humility.

Even the land has the backbone, the kuahiwi. When we look at that word, Ke Akua, the one source.  All-knowing. Creator.

You can see that our language, reminds us of where we came from and our spiritual connection.

The Bible, is a series of stories that help us to learn how to live.

Real events. History. Actual people. Our Hawaiian storytelling is very much the same. Histories, events, parables and stories. Ancient teachings that are applicable to our journey today.

A wise one once told me:

“There are many roads that lead to the most high.  And all roads are good ones”

Lomi lomi is just one way to help people to reconnect and remember who we are. A message of love from God to earth and a prayer from the earth back to God.

Our Hawaiian people embodied the sentiment of Aloha. 

  • Loving thy neighbor as thyself
  • Understanding our relationship to one another
  • Acknowledging our connection to the earth
  • Ke Akua, creator, is above all. The pinnacle of a triangle.

When we stay in this alignment, caring for one another and caring for the earth. When we’re in right relationship with one another. When we’re in right action with all things around us… this is the embodiment of the God within us.

One of the beautiful books I love is “Old Turtle,” by Douglas Wood. I want to share a bit with you now…

It’s time to see the God in one another. See the light each one of us carries.

Lomi lomi is an opportunity to remember sacred truth. The spiritual law that God is in everything. Our job, while we’re here, is to acknowledge the Aloha in everything. Be of service to all things while we’re here walking the earth, and to remember our connection.

If you’re thinking lomi lomi might be against whatever it is that you have learned before, just remember that there are many roads that lead to the most high and all are good ones.

In lomi lomi, we are just sharing possibilities. A message that is absolutely aligned with connection to the most high.

What would you like to know about Hawaiian Spirituality?  Comment below…I answer every question and LOVE to hear from you!

With aloha,

Jeana Iwalani Naluai

PS: If you’re thinking it’s time to come to Maui, learn Lomi Lomi and activate your own healing potential…we still have a few spaces in our next training.  I would LOVE to see you in one of our Hawaiian Healing retreats at Ho’omana!

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22 thoughts on “Lomi Lomi and God”

  1. Aloha Jeanna……mahalo for these wonderful stories and writings. I’m enjoying them and look forward to them. Spring is late this year in NH and this reminder and glimpse of Lomi is pure soul food.

    1. Mahalo for writing to us Deborah. I am also glad that you are enjoying the teachings. I love what you said about Lomi being Soul Food!! Hope spring comes soon

  2. Aloha, Kumu Jeana~
    This was indeed a timely blog post. I have been a student of lomi for 9 years and received permission from my kumu to teach fundamentals of lomi (I tell students that I am an instructor and would never assume the mantle of kumu). In my area on the southeast coast of the mainland, I find that concern for “disobeying” God prevents many from learning the way of lomi and following the spirit of Aloha. I taught this past weekend at a massage conference and felt the presence of ke ‘Akua and my Hawaiian lineage supporting the sacred teachings of aloha, mana, pule, ha breath and flying. Questions arose but the words of explanation that came out of my mouth were not my own. It was so beautiful to see fears begin to quell and potential for soul growth to emerge.

    One of my students so wishes to learn in Hawaii from a “real Hawaiian” (only my makuahini was Hawaiian). I will direct her to your teachings and hope to one day meet you as well.

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing your pu’uwai with us~

    1. Mahalo nui loa Naomi for your sharing. The time is coming for us all to come together. I can feel it! These walls of misunderstanding that separate us are thinning each time we connect one to another in the spirit of Aloha. Mahalo for the work you are doing in your community and mahalo for the kind referral of your student

  3. Aloha Jenna! ❤
    I loved your story and your blog! I think as Massage therapists we care and are more loving! I love God and Thankyou for the principles you shared. God is the light ! God is the love we share with one another. I love Lomi Lomi massage! ?

  4. My understanding is that the Hawaiian culture of old closely matched the ideology of the missionaries who arrived in the 1800’s (triune self / holy trinity). There are similarities in all religions that I would suggest are parallels to Huna as the most basic truths of the human experience. If you also concider there are over 200 sects of christianity… I would have to say any religious conflicts would be as individual as their personal perspective on god. Some people observe God exclusively, as in seperate from them self, and others see God inclusively. ‘The eye with which I see God is the same eye that God sees me.’ The only way for someone to know if Lomi Lomi is alignment with their beliefs is to come find out for themselves.

    Kevin England, author of Starlight The Secret of Lomi, offers that the light of aloha is what heals, and prayer is the switch that turns the light on. I don’t feel that it matters Who you pray to, but it is important to pray as a way to set your intention and align your intention with your clients intention. My kumu says she asks her clients if they have a preference as to the format or style of prayer she uses, and if they are not comfortable with open prayer, then she does so silently.

    1. I would absolutely agree Brandon with everything that you shared. I practice in a similar way when people are on my table and express with chant openly, or prayer, or silently depending where the person is coming from. When we connect soul to soul, we can meet the person where they are at from any set of belief system and find a common thread of Aloha. I am also in agreement that the only way for someone to know is for them to see for themselves. Unfortunately, there are times when certain belief systems keep from reaching one another on this level. The purpose of writing this blog was to help education. With a greater knowledge, my hope is that these decisions to engage will come with greater ease for students and clients in the future. My Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe spoke of Jesus Christ as a Lono archetype. All things come together when we take the time to see the God in all things and in each other.

  5. Jeana, Mahalo
    I was so inspired and excited to see this blog, as it answered some questions of mine. Hawaii has been calling to me for over a year now.
    Just finishing my massage therapy training from school and next step is my New Hampshire license. The first time I saw Lomi Lomi on YouTube, I know it was a path I needed to embark on!
    I’m praying that God will provide a way for me to get out to Maui this year. I’ve had my eyes set on Ho’ omana spa for months, and I know His promise will prevail!
    Many blessings and Aloha sister ?
    I’m certain that our paths will cross one day.

    1. Aloha Meghan, We will welcome you will open arms when the right timing comes for you and all is in the flow for you to join us here on Maui. Blessings of Aloha- Kumu

    1. Big Love to you beautiful Rhonda. I hope you are doing great that you are loving your time with your grandkids and that you are sharing your musical medicine!!!

  6. Monica Rossignoli

    Hello Jeana, I loved the book.
    I really hope to meet you in person and learn Lomi Lomi with you. One day I will go to Hawaii!
    I really like everything you teach on line and I admire your way of being.
    Thank You for everything

    1. This is one of my kids favorite stories. I love the way simple stories like this can apply to any age group. Hope to see in on Maui one day as well.

  7. I loved reading this post and watching/listening to you read from Old Turtle. So glad for this inspired message and the assurance that Lomi Lomi and God, our Creator, are aligned with each other. I felt that this was so, but this post brings clarity to my mind where I would perhaps otherwise still be at doubt about the matter. Thank you for writing this!

    1. You are so welcome Alexander, I am so glad to bring more clarity around these concepts of Unity that brings us all closer to one another as brothers and sisters

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