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Lomi Lomi for Headaches

Woman holding head with headache

Today, I’m sharing an easy lomi lomi technique to get rid of headaches…fast!

It’s called the MIND ERASER.

It might sound intimidating, but Lomi is all about loving the body and helping someone who is dealing with pain is a beautiful gift.

In this video training, I’ll be teaching the energetic and emotional sources of headaches AND the lomi lomi massage techniques you can use to help others find relief.

One in 20 people have a headache every single day of their lives. And one in seven people suffer from headaches related to a migraine, sinus problems or tension on a regular basis.

The Energetic and Emotional Source of Headaches

The crown of the head is called the Manawa and the head itself is called the po’o. The Manawa is the crown, our connection to Creator, to Source.

We receive spiritual insights through this connection.

In ancient times, newborn babies would have herbs placed on the fundus, the soft spot on the top of the head, for the first two years of life. This practice helped to keep the spirit connection open in the child.

In our Lomi Lomi practice, we know energy moves from the top of the head to the feet. We work in the direction of the natural flow of energy.

Aunty Mahilani Poepoe taught me to always start the massage at the head. She had us practice on an orange.

Think about it… you have the outer skin of the orange, then inside those little white fibers connect the meat of the fruit inside to this skin on the outside. Similar to what’s happening in the head, right?

Physical Source of Headaches

There are many factors that contribute to head and neck pain.

  • Restricted blood supply can cause tension headaches.
  • Ill-fitting prescription glasses may cause us to hold and carry more attention behind the eyes.
  • Postural position, the way we carry ourselves and stack our neck on the rest of our spine can make a big difference in tension headaches.
  • If you suffer from allergies and respiratory issues, sinus headaches are a common occurence.
  • Women are five times more likely to report headaches, and a lot of that has to do with hormones.

Lomi Lomi Techniques for Headaches

We can do a lot for body chemistry simply by relaxing the mind, helping to reduce stress, and regular massage.

Let’s begin with a demonstration of Lomi Po’o massage, lomi lomi massage techniques for head massage.

In this video you will learn:

  • How to identify the source of different types of headaches
  • Why cervical vertebrae can affect pain in the head and neck
  • The scissor technique to treat pain at the temples that I learned from Auntie Margaret Machado.
  • A simple routine to increase communication between the central nervous system and the peripheral nervous system
  • Improve circulations in the cerebral spinal fluid to keep the information centers lubricated and firing efficiently.
  • The “Mind Eraser” technique to release tension headache

Now, it’s your turn. Which of these lomi lomi massage techniques are you going to start using THIS WEEK? Write your comments and questions in the comments below.

I read each one and it’s the highlight of my week!

Photo of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

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  1. Thank you so much! This has been on my mind all day. So telepathic! So much fun and therapeutic wisdom! Regards

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