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Lomi Lomi is Loving People

Lomi Lomi Massage therapy is not just about doing what we love.  It’s also about loving the people we’re working on.

Loving the work and loving the people.

No matter how long you Lomi, there will be opportunities to look at your work, release your expectations and expand with the guidance from the Ancestors.  Examine. Release. Expand.

I am excited to introduce you to Meggie Walsh, our lead therapist at Ho’omana Spa Maui.  I loved this story and hope you will too…From Meggie:

I thought it was going to be an interesting session.  And not in a good way.

My client arrived with the announcement:  “I just want to let you know that I am here today to receive extremely healing work and to experience the emotional release that Lomi Lomi is so famous for.”

No pressure.

He began telling me all about his life as an extreme athlete. How many times his body has been fixed up. How specialized and experienced he is as a bodyworker.  He describes his carefully chosen, highly technical team of therapists that are currently working on him.

Something about the conversation triggered a voice in my head. 

“Am I qualified enough to work up to his expectations?”

Once the massage began, the client began to speak.  He described a lover that left him.  He’s stopped working.  He feels empty.  He has lost the gift to connect with people, the gift to heal. But he also tells me that he has dealt with this “issue”.  It’s over.

As the session goes on, he is trying to take over.  Telling me where to go.  How long to hold. What to work on next .

And he continues to speak of the woman. It’s obvious to me that he has not closed this chapter.

Meanwhile, I am struggling to stay on course with my work. To not drift and let him take over.

Now tears are coming. About the lost purpose in his life. The lost gift of healing. He feels he has nothing left to offer.  To my ears, it sounds almost suicidal.

Now I am thinking „Sh…..“ what am I going to do now???

He’s still trying to take over the session, and I am feeling extremely drained.  I’m starting to lose control.

And this is where the magic came in.

What do you do when you don’t know what to do anymore?

Give it away.

I gave the session, the gentleman and the outcome to the ancestors, to spirit. I completely got out of the way. I resolved to be the vessel for someone else to finish this work. I asked for support and it came through!

From that moment, I took charge and led the way.  This sudden confidence and knowledge definitely was supported from a place beyond.

I don’t know where it was coming from, it’s not that I have practiced these things before.

I talked to him in the Ho’oponopono way. 

I shared our Hawaiian Values, hoping the seeds would sprout and he could heal from within. I sent him off with prayers and he went on his way.

When he left, I was worried about the client and the state of mind he was in. It’s not everyday I hear stories of despair on my table.

I never heard from the client again, but I did see this review from him online:

“I had heard and read a great deal about Lomi Lomi, so I had pretty high expectations.  Being a Massage Therapist myself, over time I have gotten a group of  other massage therapists who are excellent at their trade…

I want to be clear however, I did not get a great massage at Ho’omana Spa that day from Meggie Walsh. . .I GOT A WOW MASSAGE!!!  I got the kind of massage you don’t dare expect, lest you be sorely disappointed. Wow!

I can say with confidence that Meggie Walsh is truly a gifted craftsperson, who is bringing healing work to a hurting World. On behalf of myself, as well as all of your client’s, Meggie, ‘Thank  You’!”

I was thrilled when the review came in because it confirmed what I already know. I have done everything in my power to heal, with assistance from the ancestors.

What I have learned from this session is that we have to trust! Trust our work is supported. 

We don’t have to do it all by ourselves. We can ask for help and it will come!

As therapists, we never dream of what the outcome is going to look like.  We do our best to respect the clients.  We hold space for them, and then they go on to their busy life.

The truth is, we just have no idea what kind of effect we can have on people.  When you receive confirmation to trust yourself, receive it with open arms.  Trust that no matter what techniques you use, the most important thing is listening and holding a loving face for people.

Love trumps technique.

Do you have a story that confirmed your calling as a healer?   I’d love to hear it in the comments below.  Share them to empower ourselves and our Lomi sisters and brothers! 

And if you’re ready to step into your own healing gifts and learn Lomi Lomi, join us in class at Ho’omana Lomi Lomi Training!

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3 thoughts on “Lomi Lomi is Loving People”

  1. Awesome; what a beautiful story. I completely understand the WOW from the client’s perspective. This is a perfect reminder to call in assistance and trust. Mahalo!

  2. I am so grateful that you have started this blog for us. This story brought me to tears. We never know how we reach people. Sometimes it’s merely holding the container, being compassionate and having a listening ear. You never know. I recently worked with a woman that wrote a glowing review of her session with me. What made me smile was that what she wrote about went way beyond what actually happened in the session. The energy keeps moving and expanding even after they leave us. I love this work!

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