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Lomi Lomi Massage Techniques for Knee Pain

If you have clients with knee pain, who worry the knee feels like it’s going to give out or buckle under their weight, then read this.

When there’s a concern your knee just wouldn’t hold your weight, every step can be uncomfortable and scary. Imagine the emotional consequences…

  • Worry about what the future might look like
  • Feeling stuck
  • Wondering what the next steps in your journey should be

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi massage techniques address physical alignment to help us to feel stable, strong, and balanced. 

The teachings of Aloha spirit can support us in our journey in life, emotionally, spiritually and mentally.

Use them together to provide healing on all levels. Body, Mind and Spirit. 

The Physiology of Knee Pain

One of the keys to having knee stability is a little tiny muscle. It’s shaped like a triangle and located right behind the knee.

The muscle is the popliteus, and it goes from the lateral femur to the medial tibia. 

It lies beneath the muscles of the calf and the hamstrings come from above to criss-cross over it.

This tiny muscle has a huge job to play in knee stability.

When you have pain anywhere in the knee from sprain, strain or inflammation, it can turn off the popliteus. The result is you cannot put full weight on the knee and feel that it’s going to buckle.

So what do we need to do to get that popliteus back in action and started moving again. Use the Lomi Lomi techniques in this video to help. 

Wisdom of the Bones for Knee Pain 

The bones are where we carry all of our soul stories. All of our life experiences live in the DNA.

Our life work is to choose how we want to move forward both spiritually and emotionally.

The wisdom of the bones for the knee has to do with slow, steady steps on our journey with absolute trust. 


When we hesitate, worry about falling or allow fear to creep, we inhibit the ability to move forward on our path. 

Low self-esteem or lack of self-respect can also hinder us on the journey. It may be time to find the courage to stand in our truth, hold our ground and be flexible. 

The knee is about flexing backwards and forwards. When we’re flexible and we’re not rigid, we have more open possibilities in the direction of the path.

Self-respect and respecting others are things to consider as well.

If we are too strong in our forward steps, pushing forward, climbing over others, to get to the top of where we want to go on our journey you may have issues in the knee.

Some other areas to look:

  • Allowing yourself to submit to something against your will.
  • Being pushed in a direction you don’t want to go by an authority figure
  • Not standing in your truth
  • Being proud without being prideful
  • Courage to walk towards your destiny

Anytime you fall short of this is when you’re going to see issues in the knee area. 

Lomi Lomi Massage Techniques for Knee Pain

So let’s look at what Lomi Lomi massage techniques we can use in this area, especially in the muscle of the popliteus to release the knee. 


Use these Hawaiian massage techniques to help your clients with knee pain and stability. Help them to release the anxiety and fear about taking the next step on their journey.

So tell me…what other Lomi Lomi massage techniques would you like to learn?

Leave me a message in the comments below.

See you next week!

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Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

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