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Mana’o Pono is Positive Thinking

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Mana’o pono is the Hawaiian practice of positive outcome thinking.

Today with all the hype on the news and the big global decisions that are being made, it’s really easy to feel helpless and out of control living in these uncertain times.

Mana’o is our thoughts and Pono is to be in alignment, balance, wholeness and harmony. We are the ones that get to control our thoughts.

It’s hard to stay focused on our day to day when we’re surrounded by conversations, all pointed at eminent doom.

You are not alone. Today, I am going to share about a spiritual practice called Mana’o Pono to bring healing on all levels, body, mind, and spirit.

This is a time of reactivity in our world. Living in crisis mode has a physical effect on our bodies and truly affects us at every level of our society and collective psyche.

It’s okay to have a moment of freak out. At the same time, you still have the power to choose where your thoughts go.

One of our kumu Auntie Mahilani Pope always told us, “Where your thoughts go, energy flows.” Today, I want to empower you to take hold of those thoughts and channel them for your highest possible outcome.

Here are 4 Practices to help you release the worry and become an Ambassador of Aloha.

#1 Don’t Panic

Fear is a natural response. It’s okay to be worried, but you have a choice about whether or not to stay in that emotional space. Anxiety depletes our immune system and clouds mental clarity and right now, we need to stay healthy and focus on solutions.

I learned recently about the word “crisis”. The chinese characters for this word are wei (danger) and ji (opportunity).

How do you get out of panic mode? Make a decision. If you’re feeling anxious, acknowledge it. Give yourself permission to feel what you’re feeling but set a time limit. 5 minutes, an hour, a full day…whatever works for you. Then, set your fear aside, look for opportunities and step into action.


#2 Practice Lokahi

Lokahi means unity or oneness. In this time, when many conversations in the news and social media are focused on fear it’s a wonderful opportunity to focus on unity.

Judgement and blame are just a distraction that prevent us from creating solutions. This is not a time to create separation. The pandemic of coronavirus is providing a unique opportunity to come together.

Look for the good news in your community. Here on Maui, several of our Ho’omana therapists have volunteered as health care providers to support the local hospital.

I see people donating their masks back to the police department. Neighbors are trading backyard produce. Teens are delivering groceries to elderly neighbors.

Think about it – where can you be of service?

#3 Focus Your Thoughts

Mana’opono, is aligning yourself and thoughts with the outcome you want to see. Your thoughts are powerful. Here are some actions you can take to focus your mind:

Positive affirmations remind you to keep your mind in a high vibrational energy. Make a list and post it on your refrigerator, the bathroom mirror or your computer screen.

Chants and Prayers: Chanting is something I use on a regular basis in all of my meetings with my staff, whenever I’m making my product and as bookends to my day. They remind me that I am supported.

This E Aloha chant is offered to you in the spirit of Lokahi. It goes to the families who are in hardship right now with finances or a loved one, those who are ill or mourning a loss. Let’s chant together:

#4 Take action


So what can you do right now?

Take your vitamins. Eat healthy. Drink water. Sleep. Find supplements to boost your immunity. My family is taking herbal remedies in this anti-viral pocket pharmacy.

Write it down: If you are feeling anxious, write all of your worries on a piece of paper and let it go. This is especially helpful at night if your mind is racing.

Practice social distancing. This may seem obvious but I’ll say it again. Stay home if you can.

Support, your community. Many of you are massage therapists, energy workers and alternative healthcare providers. You are a trusted friend and confidant for your clients. Call them and see how they are doing. You will be building trust and reminding them you are a place of wellness when your doors open again.

How many of you want to remain in alignment with that energy and spirit of Aloha?

If that’s you, write Aloha in the comments below then join me for the free workshop coming up on Friday and Saturday.

Free Ho'oponopono WorkshopHo’oponopono: How to Feel Grounded, Hopeful and Empowered in Challenging Times.

Take this time to be sure to put your mana and your energy into a garden that can grow. Allow your creative ideas to flourish. Invest in connection with your family, friends and community.

We will get through this. Together. It’s time to wrap the arms of Aloha around the globe.

With aloha,

Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

5 thoughts on “Mana’o Pono is Positive Thinking”

  1. Thank you. This was a good reminder. I was feeling angry and anxious after my outing to gather groceries and home needs. Love this light! ☀️ I will do a lot of these suggestions. Mahalo

    1. So happy to support you Sarah. I know it is really crazy out there. Just use these teachings to maintain a sense of power on the inside that can help you stay centered through all that is being asked of us right now.

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