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Moana: The Ho’oponopono Story

I’ll get right to it. Go see Disney’s newest movie, Moana.

If you want to see Ho’oponopono in action, this is it.

There was a lot of controversy about the creation and release of this film: would Disney be culturally appropriate or culturally offensive?
In my opinion, Disney put the “poly” in the Polynesia. They chose to portray the common and best cultural aspects of our island cultures.

  • Ancestral guardians
  • Working together through sustainable practices
  • Using your resources to support a whole community
  • Way-finding: navigating by the stars and the elements
  • Being in communion with nature

…and even the ocean being your friend.
Tongans. Hawaiians. Samoans.
No one culture could claim superiority. No one culture could claim offense. In the end, everyone loved it.

The lesson:

It’s too easy to look at something and not see all the light that is inside of it.

What surprised me about “Moana”, was the ho’oponopono conversation.

What happens when our heart has been broken?

Broken hearts have the potential to completely change us. We can become unrecognizable to ourselves and others when an offense has happened and we just don’t know what to do with it.
In the movie, there is lava monster. But she wasn’t always that way. She was actually a beautiful transformative, creative island. Green and lush and gorgeous. But, when her heart was taken away, she turned into a wretched, horrible lava monster.  The monster wasn’t who she really was on the inside. She was reacting to the offense of having her heart stolen.

Is that what happens when are hearts are broken?

Our hearts are gone. We are heartless.

Every single storyline in this movie was a ho’oponopono conversation.

Moana, the heroine, had her own Ho’oponopono story: despite the objection from others, follow your calling.

The ocean was calling her to go and do this thing so she could save her people. Ultimately, her aspiration was about something greater than her herself, something greater than just being the priestess of the island. It was about saving the island and other islands. Her father couldn’t see her calling until she went and did it.

Maui, the demigod, also has a story: looking to others to find the value in himself. He has the ability to collect gifts to give others the resources they need. Ultimately, he took the heart of Tafiti because he thought it would make people love him more. But actually, it was because he felt like he wasn’t good enough just by himself. Can you relate?

Then there’s the father who’s totally afraid for his daughters to go out into the reef. In his timeline, his best friend died going beyond the reef. In order to keep everyone safe, he made sure to never let people go there. He even created this whole story about the reef that kept everybody locked in.

Of course, his daughter was the one who had to change up the pattern in that story. That’s a ho’oponopono thing. That’s a ancestral stone that she’s being delivered because her father had a bad experience. It wasn’t even her bad experience.

The ho’oponopono ai question:

What am I carrying that’s causing me to have this experience? What are my stones?

For Moana: “They don’t understand. I MUST do this”

For Maui: “They won’t love me unless I do _____”

For the father: “I don’t ever want to experience that kind of pain again”

It was really fun for me to go and see this movie and I saw it twice. I totally can’t wait to go see it again.
It’s beautifully done. I think it depicts all the best and common themes of our culture.

And the Aunty! She reminded me of Aunty Mahi.

I literally cried when I watched it because she moved like her. Talked like her. She had that little rascal just like Aunty Mahi did. She’s helping in the after place just like Aunty Mahi does in her beautiful way as a pueo, owl.

Mahalo Disney. No one could really see the impact until you just did it. Now we all get to benefit from the lessons and the teachings. People get to see who we are as a culture on an international level.

What are the stones you are carrying? What is weighing you down?

Let me know in the comments below:

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With aloha,

Jeana Iwalani Naluai

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