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Moloka’i Lomi Lomi Community Service Project

Ho’omana Spa Maui is heading to Moloka’i with a Lomi Lomi community service project!

I am so excited to bring my amazing team to our neighbor island of Molokai. On June 27 and 28, Ho’omana’s team of 15 licensed therapists and lomi lomi apprentices will be offering more than 100 hours of FREE Hawaiian Massage treatments to local residents and Molokai kupuna. This is a dream come true that began more than 2 years ago when Justin Kekiwi, a student raised in Molokai, was awarded Ho’omana Spa Maui’s Native Hawaiian Scholarship to attend a year-long training to obtain his Hawaii massage license.

 In ancient times, it was the Hawaiian practice to have a healer in every home.

During the lomi lomi training program at Ho’omana Spa Maui, we use community outreach to bring this vision to life here on Maui. Inspired by this teaching, Justin Kekiwi jumped on the opportunity to give back to his Molokai ‘ohana and this Moloka’i Lomi Lomi community service project was born.

Over the last few months, we were able to fundraise for this outreach by running a Lomi-thon. We got local businesses and community members on Maui to pledge donations to have our staff go into Waiehu and Paukukalo Hawaiian Homes and offer community lomi lomi. It was such a blessing to share Aloha with our Hawaiian community on Maui and be given a double blessing of receiving the funds we needed to do the same for our Molokai brothers and sisters. Not only have we received wide community support on Maui, we have also been showered with blessings from Molokai supporters. Rawlins Chevron rented us the very last available van on the island at a discount, Molokai ferry gifted us a round trip ferry passage, the Molokai Disbatch (Molokai’s only paper publication) is releasing a story about our event, and Hui o Kuapa-Keawanui Fishpond has offered us lodging during our 2 night stay.

Massage,-Spa,-Maui,-Lomi-Lomi,,-Hawaiian-Healing,-Day-Spa,-Lomi-Lomi-Training,--Spa-1retreat,-Healing,-WellnessHo’omana Spa Maui will be offering free 50 minute massage sessions from 2pm-6pm on Friday the 27th and 9am-3pm on Saturday the 28th

The Moloka’i Lomi Lomi Community Service Project will be at the Keawanui Fishpond.

If you have family and friends in Molokai who are in need of Hawaiian healing, share this post or

Call our host coordinator Guy Hanohano Naehu at (808)336-0853. 

Now…I’d love to hear from you.  Do you have any inspirational stories about how your gift of Aloha has had an impact your community? If so, please share them with me in the comments below.

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