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One Moment Can Change Your Life

Photo of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

One moment can change your life…

even if that moment turns your life upside down.

People come to Lomi Lomi class in many different stages of life. Sometimes, massage is a second, or even third, career.

I had a student share with me a story of her earlier life experience. This woman, let’s call her Mary, ran a successful guide company that did extreme sports in extreme conditions.

As she ran these businesses, she wasn’t always in alignment with some of the business practices.

One day, Mary got a phone call. The kind you can never forget.

ONE Moment Changes Everything

One of her guides and one of her clients were up on the mountain that day and an avalanche had taken them out. Could she come and identify the body?

Mary was horrified, sick. But someone had to do it, so she put on her boss hat and walked in to the hospital.

When she got there, the hospital staff showed her to his room. The guide lay there, hooked up to a bunch of machines. She was the only other person in the room. For hours.

As Mary was standing there, she just started talking to him. She had no idea whether or not he could hear, but that didn’t matter. She just knew she should be a voice in the darkness for him.

Suddenly, Mary felt drawn to put her hands on his feet, so she did.  Even though she’d never held space like that before, she felt called and spirit moved her.

Hold his feet.

Mary stayed for his very last breath. It may seem unorthodox, but she was happy to be there because no one else ever came.

The Shift

When she left the hospital room, things in her life began to change very rapidly. The business partnership ended, she sold the business and left the state.

“I just need a break from it all,” she said. “If I could do anything, what would I do?”


So, she she packed up her kids, came to Hawaii, and decided to make a big life shift to become a space holder in massage school.

I was the kumu, teacher, in her massage school, sharing the Hawaiian healing teachings of Lomi Lomi.

History of Lomi Lomi

Originally, Lomi Lomi was the act of lovingly massaging the person who’s on the table with salt.

The family would gather around the body. They would lovingly massage salt into the body of the loved one who had passed away and this would help them transition into the next realm. We call this ua hala, the spirit flies.

After, they would preserve the bones as a way for the Ha, the spirit, to come back and assist from the spirit side to this earth realm.

When she heard me sharing in that moment, everything came together for Mary. She could see herself in the hospital, holding her guide’s feet helping him to transition.

She realized that she had stepped into her path in the hospital room and there was no turning back.

Lomi Lomi Today

The work we do in Lomi Lomi today is not so very different from what we were doing in the old days. Today, we stand and hold a loving space of support for the person who is on the table.

We Lomi Lomi down to the level of the bones where their life force, their mana, is stored.

The bones also hold their soul story of everywhere they’ve been, their ancestral record. For that reason, we support them lovingly in transitioning into the next space in their healing journey.

Lomi Lomi is so much more than just pushing muscles.

The ancient Hawaiians had a multi-dimensional approach to healing the body. They understood that physical pain is often connected to something emotionally and spiritually.

That’s why I love teaching the Wisdom of the Bones. It’s the code to understanding how Lomi Lomi has an impact on all levels – body, mind and spirit.

The principles in Hawaiian healing show you how to hold a space for transformation. What a beautiful and honored space to be in as a therapist!

The Lomi Lomi Spring training is a unique opportunity to do a deep-dive into these ancient Hawaiian teachings.

We begin with Lomi Lomi Fundamentals, so even if you’ve never done massage before it’s the perfect place to start.

There are three courses in this retreat:

  1. Lomi Lomi Fundamentals
  2. Advanced Lomi Lomi: Core & Skeletal Alignment
  3. Advanced Lomi Lomi: Extremities

You will learn a full body massage technique to unlock the body AND address the spiritual or emotional disharmony at the source of physical symptoms.Topics like:

  • Ho’oponopono and spirituality
  • How the connection we have to our ancestors can help us or hinder us
  • How to release beliefs and actions that are not in alignment with our current path
  • How to heal yourself, so you can find what you’re meant to do and do it.

So, I mahalo this student and thank her for bravely sharing her story. She is still practicing Lomi today and doing beautiful work in the world.

Now it’s your turn…

Think back on the one moment that led you here, all the steps that it took to get to here on your journey.

Notice how far you’ve come and be assured, you are EXACTLY where you are supposed to be.

What is the next right step for you? I read every comment and LOVE to see them posted below!

With aloha,

image of kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

PS: If you want to learn more about the Wisdom of the Bones, the Hawaiian system for explaining the spiritual and emotional source of physical pain, join us for the next Lomi Lomi training. Check it out HERE


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    You can’t highly recommended by one of your past students and I’d love to have the opportunity to receive this healing work from you. Do you offer private sessions?


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