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Past Lives – A Conversation

Q: What about past lives?  Do you believe in past lives?  What do you think about past lives?

Talk about a loaded question. This conversation is intended as a sharing – not imposing – of ideas. But here goes…

As early as a few decades ago, I would’ve said, “Of course not. Absolutely I don’t believe in past lives.”

As most of you know, I was raised Seventh Day Adventist Christian. For generations, on both sides, this was our upbringing. It goes something like this…

When someone dies, they go to sleep. They stay asleep until the second coming of Christ. At that time, the goodies go to heaven and the not so goodies stay here on earth for 10,000 years of damnation and eventually all get burned up.

For 18 years, I attended Adventist schools.   All the way to graduate school in my physical therapy program. These were deep roots.

The idea of someone coming to you from the after place, having other lifetime experiences or returning to have another lifetime here would be totally absurd. I’m sure many of my family members still live in that experience of reality.

Then, something shifted for me when I met an intuitive healer, Ruth Kramer.

She shared with me one of her past life experiences. That conversation stirred something very deep inside of me that I still didn’t understand. The years went by and I began opening to other ideas.

I started having experiences with the Ancestors. Experiences of my own past life. New ideas. New beliefs.

I had to change the answer to the question, “Do you believe in past lives?”

to “Yes. I definitely believe in that possibility.”

Some time later, I invited Ruth Kramer over to my home together with two other seer intuitives Roy Goya and his friend Edith.  I wanted them to meet one another because these are powerful people that I loved and trusted.

By this time, I had known each of them for years and thought it would be really wonderful to get these brilliant minds together.

When they arrived, I went to introduce them to each other. The introduction was followed by  a long period of silence. Awkward silence.

I thought to myself in this long drawn out moment, “Maybe this wasn’t such a good idea.”

Leave it to Ruth to tell a Ruth Truth and bring out what everybody is thinking. She says to Edith, ”You don’t like me very much, do you? You’re not sure about me,”

“Well, no. It’s not that. It’s just that when you have been persecuted over lifetimes for what you see and what you know and the gifts that you carry, you tend to not trust everybody right away.”

They all had a really good laugh over it and then the fireworks started. The discussion went from different aspects of the spirit body. Planetary consciousness. World happenings.

Then Edith looks over at me and she says, “I’ve never seen this before. Not quite like this but you are experiencing active time bleed.”

I raised my hand and I said, “I’m so sorry. You guys have been talking this whole time in a language that I just don’t understand at all. I definitely need a definition of what that means.”

“An active time bleed means that your energy field is open to another lifetime. You’ve been accessing that lifetime and it’s wide open still.  You have to be careful with that.”

To give some reference, it just happened to be the last day of our Hawaiian Pregnancy massage trainings. I had just had a really strange day.

At one point during class, I was standing across the room from everyone. All of a sudden, this window opened in my third eye – that’s the only way I can describe it – and I began to see.

Across the room I could see exactly where the therapist’s hands were. Exactly the configuration of the womb of the person they were working on. If it was out of alignment or if the womb was tilted.

I was not touching anyone, just observing. Almost like an x-ray vision kind of experience.

I could look at each table from where I was standing at the other side of the room and know exactly. All of the bone placement in the body. 

Just to confirm, I would walk over and then physically check with my hands…I would always be correct. What I was seeing was exactly what was going on physically. All day long.

It felt like a very-out-of-my-body day. As if I were hovering above the room looking down rather than being part of the experience.

It was surreal to me. There were no words to express it. No one to speak with about it. So I didn’t.

So this is the experience I’m sitting in when Edith says,

“You were a midwife in another life. It was a really painful life. Midwives have to make really challenging choices: save the baby or the mother or vise versa.  Sometimes you lose them both. That lifetime came with a lot of pain.

Although you’re accessing the gifts today you had in that lifetime, you have to be very careful when you open the window.

Imagine you are opening a medicine bag.  Take out what you need, but be careful to close the zipper afterwards.  Leave behind the emotional body and the pain from that lifetime so you only carry the gift forward.”

This blew my mind.

I made a commitment to make sure…if I ever had those kinds of experiences again, I would view it with this exercise of the medicine bag.

I’m no longer of the proponent of, “the dead know nothing.” I know our spirit lives and moves and shows us things while we are here.

It’s not about bringing those past life experiences into this life. It’s about bringing the gifts from those experiences so that we can use them to serve others here in this physical dimension.

We can bring in the gifts from the past to heal in this lifetime.

The gift that came to me that day remained with me to this day. An instantaneous activation and gift from spirit that I can use to support my clients, my family members, and my community.

If this resonates, I’d love to hear your experiences or questions about these experiences that have no words…

With aloha,

Jeana Iwalani Naluai

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5 thoughts on “Past Lives – A Conversation”

  1. I find your comments so interesting. I believe that I am an empath because I instinctly feel what the other person is experiencing. I have no clue if I have had a past life or not. I recently lost my Mother. She was 90. I am now 71. I would like to
    Complete the learning I was sent to earth to experience. I know these things will be brought into my path when it is the
    Correct time. I love Maui. Have been there 3 times. I live in the Kansas City area, but being by water speaks to me. We have
    A lake house in Missouri. Still, it is not the ocean, beach, waterfalls, and the sound of the ocean.
    I enjoyed your in depth explanation of the oils. It was enlightening. Thank you for your knowledge.

  2. Wow. Thank you for sharing Jeana. I am not quiet sure I understand what is happening to me these last few months, as you had felt in the beginning. I do feel I have had a remembrance of a past life, and been given glimpses in my waking life as well as in my dreams that have left me clues that continue to lead me to spirit, nature and healing. In this life, I have never been a healer, and the thought of it is intimidating but once I learned last week of my Korean roots and how my great aunt was a healer and shaman for her village brought so much understanding and tears to how I’ve been feeling and what I’ve been experiencing. I’m just trying to stay present and listen to what my next step is supposed to be. Thank you for your insight and wisdom. Mahalo!

  3. And for those who not yet have opened up to the extent of past life remembrance and acceptance, your story Kumu can be so well adopted to our present life as we go through experiences that are painful and hard. If we are able to take away what is helpful and beneficial for our future time on earth and leave the pain and sadness behind our lives will become much richer and meaningful. I will carry the medicine bag analogy with me! Thank you!

  4. Aloha,
    Yes, I have had experiences like this. Sometimes a person can be afraid to use those gifts because of how they were persecuted for using them in the past, like being burned at the stake as a witch or stoned to death. I remember a past life where I was a deaf mute herbalist who lived in the forest and helped the nearby village people who would come to me for help. When the witch trials started sweeping the country the villagers turned on me and stoned me to death. Thankfully, we are safer now to express our gifts in this time and I try to remember all the people I can help and not be afraid to use my abilities.

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