Kumu Jeana prepares to enter sacred sites

How to Enter Hawaiian Sacred Sites

Hawaiian  sacred sites are places with significant historical and cultural meaning. These locations mark important events such as the birth of kings, places of connection and communion or noteworthy battles. Sacred sites include heiau (temple sites or shrines), pohaku (stones), ki’i pohaku (petroglyphs or rock carvings), fishponds and other ancient architectural remains. Today, sacred sites are an important part of Hawaiian […]

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Spreading Seeds of Understanding

Join us for the September training BOOK NOW Reservations@Hoomanaspamaui.com (808) 573-8256​ Spreading Seeds of Understanding Today’s world offers us many stories of conflict—of misunderstanding and opposition. As this New Year unfolds, let us bring forward the stories of resolution—of peace and commonality. Let us share our experiences of coming together. When have you experienced opposition

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