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Thank You Mr. Cockroach

I never thought I would say it, but today I said thank you… to a cock roach.

I recently had a guest staying in the cottages at Ho’omana. Let’s call her Jennifer. Even though she visits Maui often, she has never had a personal encounter with a cockroach.

It’s a good thing too, because she has a horrible phobia of cockroaches. However, this is a tropical island and we do see cockroaches from time to time. One night, she did too.

Jennifer spent the entire night awake thinking about the cockroach in the house. She finally got up the willpower to attack it with dish soap. And the episode was over.

However, the damage was done. Not wanting to have another encounter like that again, she asked her husband to fly to Maui.

She wanted to make sure HE was on hand to handle it should another incident occur.

Meanwhile, her husband (we’ll call him Matt) had been having health issues over the years. Some might call it a symptom of “being out of his body”.

Matt, in his mid forties had suffered a stroke a few years before. As Ram Dass says, “When you have a stroke, it’s like being stroked by the hand of God.” These are great opportunities for growth and expansion.

However, Matt’s spirit had been stuck in the in between, in and out, since he was a young child.

When Jennifer called me and told me the story of the cockroach and how her husband was flying over to save her from any future encounters…I had a hint that she should connect with Ruth Kramer.

You all know she is one of my mentors and confidantes, intuitive healer extraordinaire.

An Unexpected Connection

Jennifer booked an intuitive healing session with Ruth and was told, “It’s lovely to have connected with you, but I really believe the reason we were brought together is because there’s some work I can do with you husband.”

During her session with Matt, Ruth began to ask questions like,  “How long has it been that you’ve been in and out?” He consciously knew it started when he was very young.

Matt hadn’t been present for himself. He’d had a challenge being present for his family. With some breath work, some coaching, some affirmations, and many other of the beautiful healing techniques that Ruth carries, she was able to get him to call his spirit back in.

When I was with him after his incredible session with Ruth, I noticed he was in a lot of pain. It wasn’t pain he had had before. I wanted to understand why he was in this pain, after so much healing had taken place?

I could sense he was still in that transition time of coming back to his body. Almost as if his body was in resistance.

When someone chooses to come back to their body, oftentimes it’s a shock to the system, especially if the spirit is resistant.

 Obviously, being in and out for a lifetime of 40+ years, it can be challenging for the spirit to be welcomed back into the physical body. In Matt’s case, this process came with a lot of discomfort. I had never seen this before.

I Was Looking for Guidance

I called Ruth and I said, “Can you please explain to me what has happened?”

She said, “There can be challenge in the transitioning back in because there’s still a struggle. It’s something the spirit has to choose every day, and the body also has to choose to accommodate.”

Here are some of the symptoms to be aware of:

  • Challenge with drawing breath.
  • Pain with deep breathing not associated with any injury.

The breath of life that is breathed into the lungs is such a powerful force. It’s what keeps us here.

It was interesting for me to see the diaphragm, as well as the muscles and bones of the thorax, struggling to bring that breath of life back into the body.

A Happy Ending

I’m happy to report that Matt is in such a better place physically and spiritually. Just another example of Spirit bringing messages of what is needed to transform our lives.

Spirit will even use a cockroach as a messenger to awaken our awareness, transform and heal families.

So, mahalo, Mr. Cockroach. If it wasn’t for you, Matt never would have come. He never would have connected with Ruth.

He may not have received the deep healing he found had he not come to Maui. I know the work he received here is going to change everything in his life, in his family and his willingness to be here to do what he’s supposed to do in this world.

There is much more that goes on in our world then we take into account such as, being in and out of the body.

So often, we diagnose it as depression or mystery illness. In the end, it’s a spiritual battle that requires spiritual medicine.

I feel as though this is the direction that the work is going because this is what our world is needing. We need a greater awareness beyond just what we’re finding in the physical body.

Breathe in the divine breath of life. Choose to be in your body every day. 

To connect with Ruth, visit

I’d love to hear your stories. What’s going on on your table? I read every comment, so join the conversation below. With aloha, Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai You will also enjoy reading: Knowledge & Power  |  Lomi Lomi & God  |  Healing vs Curing Programs you will enjoy: Elements of Hawaiian Healing  |  Lomi Lomi Fall 2019 Mastership

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8 thoughts on “Thank You Mr. Cockroach”

  1. Aloha Jeana

    Just wanted you to know how much I appreciate and enjoy your newsletters!!! It is always like a gentle uplifting and nurturing Hawaiian breeze!


    1. Theodora, so glad that you are feeling supported by what is shared. These teachings life brings my way are so exciting, i feel inspired to share. More to come. Aloha

  2. Beautiful.
    And yes this is a spiritual battle for the soul in our physical body.
    Bless you and fill up with His Word.
    Aloha, Melanie

  3. Mahalo for sharing! I too can attest to this type of healing. I simply have to remember to breathe in more and realized this about 3 yrs ago after surviving an almost dying experience with a heavy bloodpressure fall. The question is, can someone take or call on our spirit out of our bodies, besides (threatening physically)? What do uou think?

    1. I believe WE choose to leap out. When we find ourselves in a space of nurturing care, that our spirit recognizes as pure, safe and full of Aloha, then it encourages us to step back in to do what we are here on this earth to do.

  4. Bucket list.. visit Hawaii in 2019 will be staying with a close friend who lives on Kona … would love to interact with Ruth…

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