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Welcoming a Bountiful Life

To bring ancient wisdom into modern times is a profound exercise in faith.
Faith in the natural world, faith in the source, faith in love and in one’s self–  these all come into play as we carry our ancestors’ teachings into the present. Such a practice is indeed a challenge, as we are all familiar with the stresses and pressures that the modern world throws at us– so familiar, in fact, that these feelings feel normal, and it becomes easy to forget what brings true joy and meaning to our life experience.

Are you taking time each day to remember that life is bountiful?


The funny thing about the past is that it brings the present–being present–back to us as a normal and bountiful aspect of our daily lives. It is normal and bountiful to be connected to nature, to the source and to others; Hawaiians have always known this, and it is in remembering such wisdom that we can infuse our world with bounty.
In ancient times, Kahuna La’au Lapa’au–the masters of healing in Hawaiian villages–would gather plants in odd numbers, always reserving one for the spirit ancestors.

Offering Hibiscus

Practitioners would use different aspects of the plant prepared as teas, mashes and poultices to heal the people. Always, they would honor the spirit of the plant through prayerful intention. Such intention declares an opening up of understanding of that which needs healing, calls the plant medicine to reveal itself, empowers full yielding of the body to the benefits of the treatment, honors the spirit realms and offers protection for the practitioner. Today, we practice holistic healing with La’au Lapa’au and intention together in each of our services at Ho’omana Spa Maui. Our After-Sun Replenishing Treatment is one of my favorite offerings. Niu (coconut), ‘Aloe (aloe vera) and Wai Meli (honey) are used to exfoliate and replenish damaged skin surfaces in this treatment.

After-Sun Replenishing Treatment

Niu, while soothing to damaged skin, is also a powerful plant medicine that can help keep the skin from developing blemishes from aging and over-exposure to sunlight. Honey is also moisturizing, trapping and sealing in moisture to leave skin soft and supple. It also stimulates the growth of skin tissue, reduces inflammation and contains natural antioxidant properties that supply the body with vital nutrients. Put the two together, and with the loving Lomi touch you have a powerful and refreshing Coconut Milk and Honey Body Masque. After-Sun Replenishing Treatment‘Aloe, another soothing plant, helps the epidermal layers rebuild cellular tissue. This anti-inflammatory is rich in minerals and vitamins C and E, hydrates the skin and even prevents dryness by increasing the availability of oxygen to the skin. Our Aloe and Lavender Serum is cooling and replenishing, leaving your skin feeling fresh and new.


When we gather up the bounty of the ‘aina using plants from our own native botanical garden, infusing them with intention for our clients’ well-being, we are partaking in an ancient tradition of Hawaiian healing. Being a part of this practice, receiving loving touch and the healing benefits of La’au Lapa’au in connection with the life force of the land, brings ancient wisdom into modern living. Taking part in rituals of the past allows us to care for ourselves in a profound way and invites support and guidance from our ancestors who have passed on these original instructions for sustaining life in a vibrant way.
I invite you to take a moment today and think about the ways in which you are welcoming bounty into your life.
Share your reflections in the comments so that we can acknowledge and learn from one another in our individual quests for joy, meaningful experiences, and self nurturing lifestyle.

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