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Welcoming Makahiki

Each year, when the cluster of stars Makali’i appears in the night sky, Makahiki season begins. It is a time for celebrating abundance, gratitude and peace, in honor of Lono, god of rain, thunder and harvest. The four-month-long Makahiki season brought bounty and unity to ancient Hawaiians through festivities and the banning of war.

Ancient Hawaiians celebrated Makahiki in many ways, partaking in ceremonies and games surrounding themes of abundance and sustainability. Across the islands, Hawaiians would take stock of their resources and make sacred offerings to the akua loa, “long god”. If the ho’okupu tribute was sufficient, the festivities would begin. makahiki 2 The Makahiki games allowed ancient Hawaiians to compete in tests of strength and intellect in peacetime – that is, without any thought of war. Today, on the island of Moloka’i, Hawaiians gather to partake in traditional festivities and compete with aloha. makahiki 1 In celebrating Makahiki, people can reconnect to that which is sacred – to the ‘aina, the land, and to ancient Hawaiian culture. Makahiki reminds us of our connection to past, present and future, and that our malama, our caretaking, matters.

In ancient Makahiki times, ‘awa flowed freely, and the Hawaiians celebrated the season with sacred ‘awa rituals, to celebrate the abundance that the natural world will supply when it is cared for.

‘Awa holds a special meaning in Hawaiian culture as a medicinal plant and sacred treasure. At Ho’omana Spa Maui, ‘awa is central to a few of our healing treatments. Our Relaxing Sacred Awa Root Hawaiian Healing Bath deeply relieves tension throughout the body to bring calmness to mind and spirit. Our soothing ‘Awa Alae Body Masque carries warmth and relaxation to every muscle.   awa In honor of Makahiki, we are featuring the ‘Aina Spa Ritual this November. This Transformational Hawaiian Spa Ritual is a deeply enriching experience reflecting the love and connection that the Makahiki season celebrates. In the ‘Aina Spa Ritual, guests are invited to select medicinal herbs from our native Hawaiian botanical garden, experiencing the ancient style of gathering that our ancestors practiced. Feel grounded after soaking in a Relaxing Sacred ‘Awa Root bath. Indulge in an ‘Awa Alae Body Masque, followed by a deeply soothing Lomi ‘Ili ‘Ili Hot Stone Massage. AwaAlaeBodyMasque These authentic healing treatments are steeped in ancestral teachings and ancient wisdom. There are few better ways to celebrate the start of Makahiki than by reconnecting with the ‘aina and renewing your mind, body and spirit.

Welcome gratitude and abundance in your life, and let your aloha shine.

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