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The Lomi Is In You

I love to see my students coming back to class at Ho’omana to review lessons they’ve already learned!

I always have students at the last day of class so nervous about leaving the Aloha bubble of Ho’omana to go home. They return to their practices,  their lives, and families, and wonder: will I remember the sequence, and the concepts I just learned?

At Ho’omana, we have this really wonderful nurturing environment, where people feel really safe to just be themselves. We are free to make mistakes while learning.  But when you go home, it feels very different to make a mistake when you have a paying client lying on the table.  They expecting you to know exactly what you’re doing!

This summer, in Konstanz, Claudia Moeller came to repeat the Lomi Lomi Fundamentals course.  It had been 8 months since she had taken our Lomi Lomi Fall Mastership.

When I asked her why she decided to come back?  It was because she hadn’t practiced … she hadn’t felt the confidence to practice a full body Lomi Lomi sequence since she left Ho’omana.  8 months!

As we started the sequence and I was calling out the moves, I noticed her technique.  Even before I started calling out the moves, she was already knowing what was coming next. Her body mechanics were beautiful.

I’ll let her share in her own words…

Body memories…

I am just back from Konstanz – having done the fundamentals for the second time with my wonderful Kumu Jeana. You may ask – why again a second time?

Last year in autumn I was part of the Mastership training at the Ho’omama Spa on Maui. I was having such a great time, personally, spiritually, bodily.

I am not an educated massage therapist so it was a bunch of new stuff to learn, to digest, to sleep about, to be happy and beside the joy sometimes desperate about.

Sweat and tears, if a sequence even in repetition seemed hard to remember, to do it properly on the body. The moment when everything felt odd and no routine was kicking in. Yet also, the moments of absorbing the Talk Stories about the age of harmony, the Kahunas and Kapunas, the feeling of belonging to this rainbow family, the certainty to follow a call.

When I was leaving Maui, I was filled with new impressions and the will to go on with Lomi – without knowing how to transform this to my world.

In my head, I was repeating all stories and experiences, the way of forgiveness, Ho’oponopono, watching my bowl of light, facing the stones. The wish to get started again with my hands grew day by day.…but doing the whole Lomi massage sequence on a table I was feeling still to insecure.

And an always present question was: Am I worth doing this? Am I able to feel the body, to love the body, to create space, to give something to my clients?

So, 8 month later I went to Konstanz to do the fundamentals again. And from the beginning, in meeting my Lomi Ohana, there was joy and fellowship.

And then the magic was happening – from the first day my body was remembering. Jeana told us the sequence and before spoken out loudly I was anticipating the movement, able to follow, knowing often instinctively what was coming next.

My body, my hands were taking over – and the mind was following.

Sure, there are sequences and moments which were and are still more challenging. The last resistance, let’s say it so. The gluteus work was bringing me to my edges. I was having a bad night about this again – before watching myself and seeing that I tell myself the same story all over again…’I am not able to feel this, I am always at the wrong spot…’.

At least I asked Spirit for support.

And suddenly I thought: What the hack am I telling myself? What happens If I just skip the story and start a new one, more positive, in saying: I will learn this. Just stopping to tell the same story every time again?

I did so. And slept immediately.

And the next day the gluts were there again. And I was asking for a bit more help to get through. And again, a little bit more help. And it worked out quite well. And it was clear: I just need exercise. And should do it again. And again. It’s getting better and better. I can feel it due to the reactions, by a deep breath or a sigh.

I was coming home, buying a second-hand-table and starting immediately – and I love to do it. Guess I was just needing a bit of time to transform what I have learned on Maui. Maybe – more likely it was transforming me to find the braveness to work again with my hands, to trust, that I am able and allowed to do it.

I am still being shy in getting people on the table – but the magic starts from the moment the person is laying down and transforming into a body –  without all these layers of personality and ego – just a body to love and to treat with hands and soul and so much support by Spirit and the Kupunas.

Just ask for it.



If you’ve taken a class at Ho’omana and you are not sharing your Lomi because of insecurity or a lack of confidence…

“Calm down. You know it. You’ve always known it. I’m just here to remind you.”

The way that I teach Lomi Lomi is to push the sequence into the body. It’s in the way that I am calling out the sequence the same every time.  By the amount of repetition that we’re doing.  By the support of the ancestors that stand behind you each and every time you come to the table.

That’s how I learned Lomi Lomi

When the elders have just told me about a move that they did, or talked me through a move, but never showed me. Or if I got so lucky as to have felt it on myself as they worked on me. Or maybe the did show me and then I was able to mimic what they did.

Even if they only showed me one time, I’ve found exactly in the moments I needed that work…it was there in my body.

Just like it was for Claudia.  Just like it is for you.

For Ho’omana Graduates Only:

The Ho’omana Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana online is an online membership that offers a Lomi Lomi review course library, meditations, private Facebook community and access to LIVE Lomi Lomi Trainings, Q&A sessions, masterclasses, events and replays. Each month you will receive exclusive content I know you will love. You’ll have a support system in place to inspire you on every step of your healing journey.

This will be a wonderful way for us to stay connected to the work, to continue to build confidence in the practice, and to feel that ‘ohana support that we miss and love from when we are able to get together in the classroom.

Doors close March 7, 2018 so make sure to take your place in our ‘Ohana Online today!!

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4 thoughts on “The Lomi Is In You”

  1. Murray flitcroft

    Aloha and Thankyou for this fantastic story. It mirrored my journey through lomi lomi. This story reminds me of Kala. There are no limits. Only those we place on ourselves It’s a beautiful reminder
    I’d love to be part of this Ohana I hope one day to get to Hawaii and study lomi with you

    Mahalo Murray
    From Australia

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