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Plants, Stones and Prayers for Healing

Photo of woman offering plant in prayer

You can use plants, stones and prayer for healing.

Lomi Lomi Hawaiian massage supports healing at the highest level in the body using every tool available, including plants, earth and prayer for healing.

How do you take an ancient practice from another time and specific place, then transfer it to our modern-day, global understanding of health and wellness?

How do you bridge ancient wisdom and modern technologies?

For the past decade, I have been sharing Hawaiian history, spirituality and culture and how that affects our Lomi path today.

The Hawaiian people were able to live sustainably isolated in the middle of the Pacific ocean for thousands of years.

Each village had a healer capable of addressing illness at every level – mind, body, spirit.

Physiotherapist. Massage therapist. Herbalist. Shaman. It was a multi-dimensional approach to healing the body.

The village healer understood that many physical ailments have an emotional or spiritual root. If you only work on the physical body, very often, the root cause still remains. Spiritual or emotional disharmony will present itself in other ways at different times.

Ho’omana Lomi Lomi workshops offer a holistic full body approach that you can use with clients to help them release pain and suffering and move on to live their very best life.

Healing Emotional Pain

In a small, tight-knit village community, every disharmony is felt.

Imagine your own household. When one person is having a bad day or there is tension between two people, everyone feels the ripple effect of that energetic.

We’ve all experienced a bad day at the office. Frustration. Resentment. Anger.

Unresolved feelings begin to fester and your work begins to suffer. You might even start to sabotage yourself in different ways and creating more disharmony. If you just stuff it down and don’t clean up the mess, you feel stressed and fall ill. You might even take a sick day.

One sick day becomes more sick days until eventually you don’t feel like you can do that job any longer and you have to quit.

Now you’re out of work and going through all the feelings of being unemployed and going into depression and wow…when did this all start? What happened there?

In Lomi Lomi, when we see disharmony in the physical body you always want to ask: What was the original problem that happened? When did this begin?

We learn in the foundation of Ho’oponopono and spirituality that all the bodies are connected. There is a connection we have to our ancestors and some of the beliefs they have passed on to us may not be in alignment with our current path.

If we can heal the past, we can find exactly what we’re meant to be here doing and move on. It is possible to get rid of the pain and suffering we’re experiencing in the physical body.

The Elements of Hawaiian Healing retreat will equip you to help someone get out of that physical pain and also support them with releasing emotional and spiritual pain backwards and forwards.

Healing with Plants and Stones

As a Lomi Lomi practitioner, you don’t have go it alone. You learn to call on the spirit plants of the land requesting support.

These plants have healing properties and capabilities . When infused with your prayers, they can thrive too.

Those plants are on the planet so that they can be of service and support. Our task is to learn to gather plant medicine in a way that honors the plant.

At Ho’omana, we take the ancient practice of Hawaiian plant medicine, La’au Lapa’au, and place it in a modern setting.

We create salves and poultices, make elixirs and teas and find many different ways to use and store medicines, so we are ready when the client presents themselves.

You can also use heat and the stones of the earth for healing in Lomi Lomi.

Sometimes, I can push on the same muscle all day long and that person isn’t going to release. They don’t respond to my touch. Maybe they’ve been hurt or they lack trust because of past trauma.

Those same clients may be open to receiving the hot stone before they’ll receive my hand. In the receiving of that stone, it helps to ground them back in. To put their feet back on the ground.

When a client has been through trauma, their spirit may have felt like it wanted to jump out of their skin. The warmth of the stone helps them to come all the way home.

The energy of the stone, a foundation of solid rock, can be so calming and nurturing.

Hot stones are able to give an alternate response to the pain pathway a client might be feeling.

The stone helps increase circulation while releasing muscle tension. In Lomi ‘Ili ‘Ili, hot stone therapy, we we work with stones as an extension of our hands.

This technique helps people to sink into a place of relaxation very quickly. Grounded. Centered.

Infusing Plants and Stones with Prayer

We can ask the land for plants and stones, then gather in the old way to infuse them with mana, supernatural life force.

We pray over the stones and over the the plants for a few reasons.

1.Prayer invites the client to be open to receiving.

2. Prayer invites Divine guidance. All of your angels, guides and great spirits will support you and the client in the healing process.

3. Prayer invites the spirit of the plant to be used in its many qualities.

I am a mother, a wife, a business owner, Hawaiian culture practitioner and teacher. I have many different faces and plants are the same. They have different qualities that can be used at different times.

Consider this: you dishonor the plant to think it can only just do one thing. When you ask the plant to be used for healing, it may reveal other qualities because you prayed for that plant to be used.

The Elements of Hawaiian Healing retreat will teach three of the most popular applications of Lomi Lomi:

  1. Lomi Lomi Fundamentals
  2. Lomi ‘Ili ‘ili Hot Stone Therapy
  3. La’au Lapa’au: Hawaiian Medicinal Therapies

If you’re ready to learn a healing art form to support healing at every level – mind, body, spirit, past, energetic, etc. – this Lomi Lomi workshop is for you.

Now over to you…

What’s the most useful healing practice YOU ever received? Did you follow it? What happened?

Share your thoughts in the comments below… I read and reply to each one.

With aloha,

image of kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai



8 thoughts on “Plants Stones and Prayer for Healing”

  1. Hello, I have a Lomi Lomi practice in France and I just wanted to thank you for your latest Stones and Plants newsletter, although I know it the reminder sat so perfectly in my body so many blessings to you for allowing me to rememberI need support.
    I was in Maui this year and you were with my teacher Louise Kleu in Ireland. I would love to meet you for a course one day.

  2. I had never considered that plants have a purpose to be used as well. I see there are so many things I take for granted…including the support that is available to me at all times from the Universe. Thank you for this beautiful reminder!

  3. The most useful healing practice I found was massage therapy. It can help both physical and spiritual issues. I notice when things are getting stressful at work, my body gets extremely tight and sore. When I get a massage treatment it allows me to relax and I can feel both my body and spirt coming back to a more homeostatic state.

    1. Mahalo Abby for your comments. In lomi lomi the teaching is that when a loving space of healing is held for the physical body it invites all bodies back to alignment. Mahalo for the confirmation that you have experienced that phenomenon.

  4. Mr Jason von Brevern

    Most of the info I’ve ever found on Ho’oponopono outlines it as “making things right” by those four phrase “I love you, I’m sorry, please forgive me, thank you” as a Chant.
    Seems you’re saying it is much more.
    Do you differentiate between Ho’oponopono and Ho’omanamana?
    I am very interested in the Hawai’ian healing arts – partly because they are paradisial Island love.
    I would come on all of your courses if I could afford but as yet I surely can (to affirm a desired outcome)
    I have recently come across kinesiology / muscle testing / Forensic Healing, which I find very interesting.

    1. Aloha Jason
      Ho’oponopono practiced within family lineages. Each community had their unique practice. The more mantra that you shared while rooted in Hawaiian values related to ho’oponopono is a more modern interwtation of these teachings that has created an opening for more and more layers of our cultural healing practices to have a voice in the world. Ho’oponopono, Ho
      ‘opono or Kupono is being in spiritual alignment with yourself with others and with the divine. Ho’omanamana is a practice of raising your life force, elevating your essence and elevating your frequency. This was practiced to empower generations. Example-we would call upon our aumakua, a particular shark, chant him in and give offering of the first fish caught in the nets to petition support and protection to the family as we swim in the ocean for generations.

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