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Release The Burden

The burdens we carry do not always belong to us.

In this life, we have the responsibility and the opportunity to heal backwards and forwards.

The work we do today affects ourselves, our ancestors and our descendants.

We recently had our Maori Ohana, Audie and Caroline Beazley visiting here from New Zealand. They spoke of burdens we carry for our ancestors.

The Maori have a clearing ceremony, called Pure (POO-ray).

They go out in the ocean in the early, early morning when it’s still dark. Four men are the Pou, the guardians, on the four corners. They wade into the icy, cold water and bring in the family, that’s children, elders, women and men.

In part of the ceremony, they ask the ancestors to come and lift away the things they have put on the descendants.

Audie is very intuitive. He’s a seer and on one occasion, he witnessed the ancestral canoe coming on the ocean from the spirit place.

It was an ancient style of canoe. Very different from the modern carved canoes that the Maori have today. He received it as powerful confirmation that the ancestors were preparing to relieve the burdens they had left behind.

Sometimes, the loads we carry feel like a lot. It can get heavy.

We carry our stuff. The stories of our ancestors. Our families. Our histories and timelines.

We get overwhelmed with the weight on our shoulders.

In Lomi Lomi, we have a clearing ceremony that we call Hiu Wai (HEE-yu Va-ee).

We go to the mountain stream to cleanse. We let the water flow from the top of our head out through our fingers and toes. With intention, we ask the fresh water to cleanse and renew.

We also have a ceremony at the ocean. Very, very early in the morning, we set intentions to cleanse and clear. We ask the ocean to purify.

This is a lesson about the magic of healing that can happen. The next generation does not have to suffer the burdens…

Ho’omana -Be empowered. If you are ready and willing to release and let go and help to heal, on the other side, kupuna ancestors are going to be doing their part.

We create the healing path together.

We don’t have to do this alone. The ancestors are working together with us to lift off the load. All we have to do is connect, ask, believe, and receive the support.

Here is a meditation for you:

Walk to the shoreline and declare your intention.

“There are things (matters, concerns, events) I’m carrying that do not belong to me. These belong to my ancestors. I carry them through my ancestral lineage in my DNA.

I release the things that I have been given and ask the ancestors to be present with me to lift away what is theirs so that I may live a life of freedom and for the healing of my family line.”

Jump in the ocean and dunk three times.

“Mahalo. Thank you for your support and care for me and our future generations.”

Exit the water.

Are you ready to clear the past? Are you willing to try this clearing ceremony? Let me know in the comments below:

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9 thoughts on “Release The Burden”

  1. Mahalo Jeana,
    Such beautiful replies to this cleansing that we can all do collectively, and as you say, not alone.
    I had such a profound spiritual experience when I was with you in Maui for Lomi training in 2014 and we traveled to the Mountains of your ancestors. Bathing in the waters there brought up so many emotions recent and past. I felt lighter and more at peace than ever before. Yes, I am willing to do this an relieve myself of these stones that hold me down. Until I can go to the ocean or river, I am going to practice in the shower like Jenna, my Lomi Sister.
    Much Aloha to you and my wonderful Lomi Ohana across every Ocean.

  2. Aloha Jeana,
    Mahalo for sharing this beautiful article! I actually read this a few days after going to my first trans-generational therapy session. I don’t know if this method exist in the US or Hawaii, perhaps it has a different name. It’s all about making peace with our ancestors on both the paternal and maternal lineage. By looking at your genealogy tree you discover patterns, synchronicities with names, events and dates of birth/conceptions/death/marriage, etc…also, if you believe in reincarnation, perhaps you will see that a soul has come back one generation after another in your family. It is a very profound work which I wanted to do even before I first came to learn lomi lomi with you in 2014. By understanding your tree better, you can proceed to healing some repetitive patterns passed from one generation to another and release some burdens.
    When I came back to Maui last November for Ho’opa’a, it was the beginning of this lineage work of releasing burdens from my ancestors. So now as I embark on this new journey of making pono with the kupuna, I thank you for sharing your ike with us. For now, as I live in Paris, I have done your meditation….in the shower!! 😀 … but on my next trip to the ocean I will finally get to do this in connection with the elements.
    I also want to thank Albert for sharing your Celtic heritage with us! My grand-mother was from Brittany so I also have some celtic DNA and found it very interesting to hear about the ritual you described.

    Much aloha to our Lomi Ohana across all continents!

    1. Hi Jenna,

      I’ve discovered a neat practice here in the US called Family Constellation Therapy. The modality is so supportive and transformative! I have been served by Lexi Soulious (and she’s online with her practice in her name). She’s done something like 3K constellations and her expertise is amazing! I always tell people that it’s the work I needed…but never knew until I started doing it.

      Christy Sharafinski

      1. Aloha Christy!

        Mahalo for taking the time to share a bit of your story! I’m glad that you get to inspire others as well!

        I’m so honoured and delighted to share these Hawaiian teachings to all of you!

        Warm Aloha 🌈🌈🌈

  3. Aloha Friends! After a long time of much pain and limited range of motion to the right arm and shoulder, three Lomi Lomi treatments have given me a new lease on mind, body, and spirit. However, as a result many issues from the past have come up to the surface and needed to be released with grace. Your Ho’omana meditation for empowerment this morning was very helpful (did it from home while sitting in my favorite chair, could not wait to get to the ocean). With hands raised to the sky, decided to speak the words with faith and a cleansing came up nearly immediately: tingling from my fingers, hands, all the way down to my little feet. Mahalo! EP

  4. Dear Jeana!
    Just yesterday I was talking with Lisa, my Lomi sister, I do not know how to release stones of my ancestors from my bowl of light and do I have to know what each stone I carry is about before I try to release. So your blog comes in time as if you heard my question over the ocean.
    Yes I am willing to do a clearing ceremony. I guess here in Vienna I go to our river Danube, ocean is too far, but maybe it is enough to jump only in my thoughts into water. Thank you for your blog.
    Aloha Maria

  5. Beautiful, how the cultures are one in spirit and even mythology!
    In celtic culture we had the tradition to go to springs and ask for purification and healing too.
    Water is considered to be the element of the feminine, the divine moon, and is also used on its mirroring surface for the Druid to see the future. Springs had names and goddesses and were considered especially sacred, because the water came right ouf the womb of the great Earth mother! … And we use the four corners too… North for EARTH , West for WATER, South for FIRE and East for AIR, poweranimals, qualities and (in khabbalistic tradition) even archangels can be placed in these corners… The fifth element is considerd to be Space of potential, (“aether” for the Greek; “akasha” in hindu culture) or as the celts call it the Spirit if the Place- meaning the actual guardian of the sacred site who has a direct connection to the high spirit of the source… anything sound familiar to my OHANA of Hawaii?? So to answer the question, YES I am actually doing this ceremony on a quite regular basis.. Now with even more feeling of connection!!

  6. Aloha!

    This is wonderful! Thank you for sharing.

    I would love to know when Audie and Caroline Beazley return to Maui and when other teachings are held at Ho’omana.

    Many Blessings-

  7. Dear Jeana
    Thank you for these thoughts , for the meditation.
    This ceremony in the ocean seems to me wonderful . The powerful energy of the ocean …. and the cleansing power of a mountain stream … let go what is not mine . I will do this .
    I am conscious of this burden we carry for ancestors . I worked over years now with family ( systemic) constellation to see what is mine and what not. so I didn’t only feel some burden is given back to them but also I gained confidence in my intuition.

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