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Aloha Aunty Aka

Aloha Lomi Ohana, One week ago a beautiful Hawaiian spirit leapt into Po- the after place. Aunty Haleaka Iolani Pule of Big Island, lifted her arms toward heaven and was welcomed into the Lei of the ancestors. The ho’ailona (sign in the heavens) to welcome her home was the incredible Super Moon seen last week. Most know her as Aunty Aka. She was scheduled to participate in the E Ala E- Awakening the Spirit Huaka’i at Hoomana one month from today together with Aunty Leiohu Ryder and Kumu Hula Puna Dawson. She was pure Aloha, joy, and light and her message encouraged people to live and love the fullest. She was a wisdom keeper who traveled the world sharing Hawaiian spiritual teachings and Ho’oponopono. I was with a group of her students in Dornbirn Austria when we learned of her passing and with tears and love we lifted her spirit up in healing prayers and song. The stories shared about how deeply her message touched hearts was so beautiful. The question was raised, why do some of these great messengers leave so early? Aunty Aka was only 49 years old. The thought came to me that perhaps the physical body was too limiting for the boundless work that Aunty is to share. Now she is able to travel greater distances without planes, cars, or Internet. Her spirit is free to be with us all and continue to work she shared in her lifetime on a much larger scale to a much larger audience. As a group we first learned of her passing on Tuesday. She had died on Sunday. Sunday and Monday evening very few were able to sleep. Aka had just been in Switzerland a few weeks prior staying with on of the Lomi students. For two days the students kept sharing that they felt off and that Aunty had come in dreamtime. We spoke of her often over these two days. Then Tuesday morning, someone posted a photo on Facebook of Aunty Aka with her eyes closed head lifted up in prayer. We realized that the uneasy feeling we had felt but had been unable to explain was the aka cord of connection being tugged, stretched, and lifted as Aunty began her journey. We understood the importance of sending her off in love in the first three critical days of flight and to not hold on lest the spirit be held back on her journey. Even those who didn’t know her felt the shift as we stood in the collective energies of the group. One of the participants, Meggie, after experiencing this phenomenon shared that she finally realized what we mean as an Ohana (Lomi family) when we say “E PIKO KAKOU”- We are all connected. Here is a beautiful video of Aunty Aka for you to enjoy.

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6 thoughts on “Aloha Aunty Aka”

  1. Loren Jensen Carter

    Oh my…I first met “Aka” when I drove down Kealakekua Rd. on Big Island in the late 90’s. And Suzanne, I met you with her many years later. “Aka” took us on a special tour of “her” island when we returned for our 15th wedding anniversary in ’06. She took us to the Queen’s bath, invited us to jump in the huge (empty) lava tube, she made me a pu’u lei that day, which I still have somewhere. Since the volcano, I have been worrying and thinking about her non-stop. I would love to be in touch with Suzanne. And I fondly remember her mom, your granny Fern, who taught me a special hula. I still have the CD she made for me with her voice on it. If you get this, please contact me at

    1. Aloha Loren, I wish that I had the opportunity to meet Aka in person. From what I know of her she was a lovely being. I am glad to here that you were touched by her sweet spirit as well.

    1. Aloha Suzanne, her legacy lives on in all who she connected with and her voice continues to spread throughout the globe. I was wondering if you would be open to sharing about her? I am part of an online community of people who love Hawaii, Hawaiian healing and want to share in the Aloha spirit who would love to hear more about her. I invite one interview each month about 30-40 minutes in length and would be so honored to welcome you and any stories that you would like to share. Let me know. My contact is

    2. Mahalo for writing Suzanne. She was loved. You carry that Aloha from her and your grandmother as well. Continue to cultivate their legacy for now it is yours. Blessings of Aloha. You are loved.

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