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Divine Appointment

Divine appointment with Baba

Have you ever felt that everything you have ever done has prepared you for a divine appointment in this very moment?

I have just returned from South Africa.  The truth that I was on a divine apointment was confirmed time and time again throughout my journey. I went on a sojourn to meet a 92 year old Elder named Baba Credo Mutwa. He is a High Sanusi Zulu Elder and a White Lion Shaman who carries ancient histories of Africa and the world. He worked together with a United Nations group of indigenous elders in a coalition for global peace. My beloved kumu –teacher, Aunty Mahilani Poe Poe and Mr. Hale Makua were the two Hawaiian elders represented. Aunty Apela Colorado was instrumental in bringing these wisdom keepers together in the early 2000s. She had promised to bring the Hawaiians back after their last gathering in 2002, however, both Mr. Makua and Aunty Mahilani leapt into the Po(the after world) before they could return to Africa. She shared that bringing me, the next generation of healers to Baba was a completion of her promise. Being in the presence of such a holy man was so humbling. As he addressed our small group of Elders Cherokee, Choctaw, Oneata First Nation tribes, A Kyrgyzstan elder and his translator, and myself, he said that never in his life had he been in a room with such holy people. He addressed us as honorable ones and himself, as a monkey in a room full of lions.  Clearly, this was a diving appointment. He spoke of a time when blacks and whites, humans and lions stood together in harmony with no war, no fight.

“We must remember the holy things back and bring back the holy places to heal the people. Remembering will bring humanity to the root of the ancient soul and the old world must go into an new era without swords, only with hands that are clean.”

One of the things Baba shared was an “unaccomplished dream” of sailing a canoe of peace to bring back the ancient way of forgiveness, unity, and unconditional love. I was given a painting that he created depicting this “Africa swimming house.” When I received the painting, I immediately remembered Aunty Mahi also speaking of this canoe that would ho’oponopono everything and bring the people together in harmony. One of the many takeaways from my time with Baba is the kuleana (responsibility) of seeing the dreams of these precious kupuna realized in the completion and message of a world canoe that will travel and share their message of unconditional love. My time with credo Mutwa was both inspirational and sad as I know he is in his last days and I may never again sit in his presence. Yet, I will forever remember the teachings of a humble and powerful man who touched my heart activating a deep remembering in me to hold a torch of light on a vision of peace.

You are all a part of the world canoe and with your prayers and support, we can bring this dream to reality.

It is as Baba says, “The power of good can come together like one beautiful flame and soon there is light in the house of God”. I would love to hear about the divine appointments that you are showing up for. Please share a post below.

Message of Peace From Africa from Ho'omana Spa on Vimeo.

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