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Ho’oponopono Requires Action

Ho’oponopono is exactly what we need and where we all want to be. In fact, it is our nature to be in harmony, in homeostasis, in balance. When we place the prefix ho’o in front of a word, it indicates action. First and foremost…


even if it is just putting a thought in motion and beginning to dream of a positive outcome for your situation.

My first LIVE Masterclass on Ho’oponopono this week was amazing!  Mahalo to everyone who joined me on the webinar and who watched through the replay.  Our class is now online if you still want to journey with us!

One of my favorite books that speaks to a simple process of being in alignment is “Tales from the Night Rainbow. It’s a wonderful book and an easy read for you and your family. It’s written by a beautiful woman that I had the privilege to meet while she was still alive. Her name is Pali Jae Lee.

“Tales from the Night Rainbow” offers a parable of the Bowl of Light.

Each child at birth is given a bowl of perfect light. If he tends his light, the light will grow in strength.  He can swim with the sharks, fly with the birds, know and understand all things. If at any time he becomes jealous or envious or greedy or fearful each of these emotions are like a stone that he places into his bowl of light. The stone cannot hold the same space as the light that he carries.  The stone inside the bowl gets in the way some of the light out.

If he continues on this path, he becomes like the stone. He becomes heavy, tired, and exhausted from the weight of these stones. A stone is what he becomes. A stone cannot move and a stone cannot grow.

If at any time he tires of being a stone, all he needs to do is turn his bowl upside down. The stones will fall away and the light can shine once more.

The beautiful lesson here: the light was always there.

The light was never gone. It was only covered up by some of these experiences that all of us have as we go through our lives. Experiences of disappointment and trauma, and yet all of these experiences are perfect. So many times when we face a challenge, it pushes us to move.  We learn to rise up out of that challenge.

For some of us, it takes a little bit longer. Sometimes we wallow in it just a little bit.  I remember, as I was going through my healing path, I was going through a really hard time. I was in a situation that was no longer serving me, and it hadn’t been for quite a while.

I went to yoga class one day and my teacher said, “You look terrible.”

I thought, “Wow. I really feel terrible.”

She said, “What’s going on? How come you haven’t moved up out of that situation that you’re in?”

Of course I had a thousand excuses for why I hadn’t taken action. I had excuses like, “Oh, well, he hasn’t gotten the boxes that he needs to move and we still have to rent the U-Haul, and he hasn’t had any time to do it and I’ve been working so much.”

For every excuse I made, she had an answer.  “Then why don’t you go rent a car? Why don’t you cancel some plans today and why don’t you just make it happen?”

It really didn’t hit me until she said,

“So, this is your situation. You are sitting in shit. While it’s warm and maybe comfortable, it really stinks.

There’s no reason why you can’t get up out of that and keep on going on your path.”

I was super inspired that day. Of course I went straight out. I got the boxes, I got the U-Haul, and I got everything I needed in order to move forward. When it was all said and done at the end of the day, I felt so liberated. I felt so empowered.

These are the kind of things that happen when we’re challenged. We have to mahalo the challenges.

The challenges are part of the perfection.

We all have our different experiences that have contributed to the choices that we’ve made in our lives. We’ve made decisions that have shaped us as individuals. All of these moments are preparatory for what you’re doing right now today.

I can see this process at work in my own life. I can also see how these teachings have supported me in so many ways through the years. There are plenty of times that I could have just blamed challenges on someone else, or thought situations were happening to me.   Now, through this practice I have a greater understanding.  

Things were NOT happening to me on from the outside. Those challenges were just a reflection of where I was at the time.  My stones have been an integral part of my experience.

So, don’t let your self get too comfortable with things that do not resonate and align with the true light  you are carrying. Lift up out of challenges and shine your beautiful light. Remember that when we put the word Ho’o in front of a word it suggests action.

Ho’oponopono requires action to restore the harmony and balance of your soul’s perfection.

So take a look inside your bowl, mahalo and release any stones that do not serve and enjoy the feeling of lightness that your life will take on as a result of this practice.

You still have time to join our FREE online Ho’oponopono Masterclass.  You will find all the details by clicking here.

What experiences would you like to mahalo?  Leave me a note in the comments below.

With aloha,

Jeana Iwalani Naluai


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4 thoughts on “Ho’oponopono Requires Action”

  1. Aloha Anna,
    We plan on going to Maui in september of 2018 for about 12 dans and looking for Ho’Oponopono classes on the island.
    How does a class costs and do you have different class levels ?
    Johanne ❤️

  2. Hello Jeana,

    I took a class on lomi lomi quite some time ago in the summer of 2008. And its so nice to see you are sharing the teachings of ho’oponopono too!

    When I came to Hawaii I was looking for these teachings and when you told the story of the bowl of light in the lomi lomi class I recognised this image as one I had of humans since Ive been a child.

    Now that I have lived some more its time for me to tip my bowl and I would love to reconnect to ho’oponopono again. But I saw that the webinar was on the 10th of January. Will you be doing another one?

    Greetings! Anna

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