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Salt and Ti: 2 Key Elements You Need in Your Healing Space

I’ve been getting some amazing feedback from my new, FREE mini-guide 10 Practices to Ignite, Reclaim and Maintain Your Personal Power. Mahalo nui to everyone who has taken the time to read, comment and share these potent rituals.

Here’s a great question I received from one of my students:

Why salt and ti leaf?  

Why do those 2 particular ingredients raise my personal power?

For Hawaiians, ti has crystalline energy. It is able to work within the physical realm and spiritual realm without changing it’s properties.

Ti leaf is recognized by the ancestors and those who have gone beyond – This is why we use ti leaves as a wrapping for our ho’okupu, or offerings.

Ti is used for clearing.

You will notice that all indigenous cultures have material for clearing people and spaces. We can petition the plants of the land to support us with their ability to transmute and transform energies. As a collective of world cultures, plants have been used as protective medicine and for their high vibratory presence for generations of time.

Native Americans use sage.

South Americans use palo santo.

Europeans use lavender, laurel, or rosemary.

Hawaiians use a swiping motion with a ti leaf to clear energy.  Its mere presence will have a clearing effect.

Here are a few ways you can use ti leaf in your daily life:

  • Have it at the entrance of your house to clear people’s energies as they come in.
  • Place a plant in a room in your house or in your treatment area to clear the energies.
  • Place the leaves near the bed of someone in need of healing.

In ancient times, when someone was very ill, Hawaiians used to put the ti leaf underneath and around the edges of the lauhala mat. They would also put bowls of salt at the four corners of the mat or under the bed that the person was sleeping on to help to keep the energy clear and clean.

Salt is also crystalline, but it has a different effect.

Salt helps to neutralize and balance electromagnetic fields. When someone is feeling off-center, we give salt internally. When someone needs spiritual clearing of energies or entities, we massage salt into the body.

By adding prayers and breathing Ha, the breath of life, into the person that needs the healing as we Lomi the salt into the body, we purify and restore harmony to their energy field.

Constant search for balance and homeostasis in nature is a principle that is also reflected in the body. Each cell of the body is regulated by both chemical reactions and electrical reactions. The balance of sodium inside and outside of each cell is essential to supporting life and carries an electromagnetic charge.

When we are in anger, fear, or engaging in any emotion that throws us off our center, we leave ourselves vulnerable to negative energies and disconnected from our divine alignment.

Remove Negative Energies

Salt is a repellent for negative energies. When I speak of clearing, there are two components: the internal influences of the mind and the external influences of the environment that take us into a negative polarity.

When these two elements, salt and ti leaf, are used together for clearing – as in the Pi Kai ceremonies that we use before we begin Lomi classes – we open a clear, sacred space for the energy of healing to flow.

Use this mana ‘ola, practice to raise spiritual power designed to prepare you and your space for the highest possible outcome.

Make it a habit to prepare your environment for optimum wellbeing.  

In my healing space, I have an herbal healing mist that contains ti leaf hydrosol, salt, and rose, the highest vibrational essential oil. I use this between each client to mist my room, my table and myself. I also mist over each piko (chakra) on the client’s body to end their session.

There are even more ideas in my mini-guide, 10 Practices to Ignite, Reclaim and Maintain Your Personal Power. To get your free copy click here.

I am excited to share even more mana ‘ola with you in the coming weeks. Please help me get the word out by commenting below: Will you be adding salt and ti leaf to your healing space?

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23 thoughts on “Salt and Ti: 2 Key Elements You Need in Your Healing Space”

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  4. Aloha Jeanna, and mahalo for all the teachings. I will absolutely use salt and ti plant in my space. I have a beautiful plant that I grew from a cutting that I bought in the Islands on my last trip. i am happy to have this information on how I can honor the ti plant by using it.
    Blessings and Alohanui

  5. Aloha Jeanna, and mahalo for all the wonderful teachings. I will absolutely use salt and ti plant in my space. I bought a small cutting on my last visit to the Islands which has now grown into a beautiful plant. Our hot and humid summer has really made it very happy this year. This leaves have grown even bigger this year. Blessings and Aloha to you for all that you do. Xox

  6. Alo, what do you mean about the word Ti ? To what plant are you referring exactly ? I live at the middle Atlantic Azorian islands ( São Miguel island ) maybee I can find the same specimen. Or, maybee just can you show me a picture of it? Thanks very much. I really appreciate your work.

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  8. Such a wonderful gem!  Beautiful space.  Relaxing,  caring, calm environment and fantastic massage. Heather was awesome and I can t stop telling people about this spa because it s such a treasure I m super happy I found.

  9. I would love to! I’m living in Oakland now & no longer have ti growing in my yard like I did in Waikapu. Do you sell your mist or any suggestions of where I could get Ti leaf hydrosol? I will begin with salt in my treatment rooms since that is readily available. Finding Ti leaves may be a challenge. Aloha

  10. I am using a lot of sage, salt and lavender…
    We do not have so much ti-leaves in Vienna.. But I ll ask andrea…
    Loads of LIEBE from Österreich!

  11. I am using a lot if sage, salt and lavender…
    We do not have so much ti-leaves in Vienna.. But I ll ask andrea…
    Loads of LIEBE from Österreich!

  12. Iʻm currently taking the level #1 massage therapy class on the Big Island. My previous massage therapist used Hawaiian Salt and Water in her healing space. I will definitely use salt and ti in my healing space in the future.

  13. I have ti planted all around my home, but have not put a plant inside. When I am taking food to different groups, I often use a ti leaf or more to present my food offering on. It just feels right to me.
    I use the Himalayan pink sea salt to cook with, but am not familiar with other uses of salt to cleanse. I use epson salt to soak when I am sore. Is that similar to what you were saying?.
    I think I still have a massage coming from when I first joined and think I should use it soon and learn more about these two special things.
    Thank you for your interesting messages in the Newsletter.

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