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I Thought She Was Going to Have a Stroke

Hawaiian Healing Stories

Did you know that chants and prayers have the potential to bring spirit back to the body?

Healing begins with moving energy. In bodywork, we sometimes call this a release. Emotional release can look like many things. Weeping. Laughing. Belching. Shivering. Sweating.

This is just energy moving. Don’t be surprised when you see movement within the depth of your Lomi Lomi work.

One day, I had a remarkable woman on my table. It was a 50-minute session. I was doing my Lomi, of course, I did all my prayers and chants to start with. Towards the end of session, the woman said, “I can’t move my arms and legs.”

I gave myself a little pat on the back and thought, “Oh! Wow! You did a really great job, Jeana. This woman is so relaxed she can’t move her arms or her legs.”

After a second, she realized that I didn’t know what she was talking about. “No, actually I cannot move my arms and my legs”.

When I lifted the sheet, I saw that her hands were clawed. Her arms and legs were extended. Her toes were pointed and curled. Her body looked as one might expect to see with rigor mortis, when the Spirit is trying to reintegrate after having left the body.

I started to panic. What should I do with this? Is she having a seizure? Is she having a stroke? What is going on? I started praying for guidance right away.

I asked the ancestors and the Great Ancestor, “Kupuna, please, I need your help!” I tried to continue with more Lomi. I got some hot stones. Nothing worked.

Then, at the last desperate moment while I’m thinking, “do I need to call 911?”, I received the answer from Spirit.

Chant for her

I knew exactly the chant to use. I knew exactly what to do. I needed to put this grown woman on my lap and rock her while I sang a lullaby. The lullaby that I sang to her was

Ka Lei Aloha I Na Kupuna.

This chant is about the lei of love of the ancestors and the understanding that I am part of this love.

We call the lei of the ancestors Ku’u Lei Aloha. It’s the family – past, present and future. When a woman is pregnant she wears an open lei because the child is the pua, the flower, coming in to complete that lei of the family.

There’s a lei of family and I’m of the love that makes up that lei.

Powerful words.

This beautiful woman on my table had been through tremendous amounts of trauma. Her inner child spirit had decided to leave the body because it was too painful to stay.

She was hovering somewhere in between, hopping in and out probably because she had some work to do surrounding the healing of old wounds. The spirit of her inner child was out of the body.

When the spirit was called back to the body through the work that we did, it was a shock to the system. What I witnessed on my table, was the physical expression of Spirit leaving. Clawed, cold hands and extended, curled toes. Rigor mortis.

While I was singing with intention and ancestral support, her Spirit came back to the body. She just went limp after a few minutes of this rocking and singing. The tears started pouring out like a child weeping. When she was complete, she told me that despite all previous trauma, she felt like she had finally come back to herself.

That’s the way she described it. “I just feel like I’m back in my body.”

Since that time, this woman has come to many trainings with me and has had profound shifts in her life. Perhaps that experience was the beginning of the transformation for her.

It was a transformation for me as well through experiencing the spiritual principles of aloha and our spiritual teachings of how to hold scared space.

There are three great lessons I took away from this moment that I want to pass onto you.

1. Spirit Answers

In the moment of crisis, I had no idea what to do. I would never, in a million years, dream of lifting a grown woman and putting her on my lap in a Lomi Lomi session.

But I asked for help, and Spirit answered. I was totally supported. I was given the insight to what she needed in the moment.

2. You + Another + Spirit = Sweet Spot

Unbelievable things happen when you’re in the sweet spot. Things that don’t make any kind of sense. I’m here to remind you, don’t panic – there’s no need to freak out!

When you witness the profoundly unexpected, it means there’s a match. You, as a practitioner, are ready to be the one to hold that scared space for another. Even if you don’t realize it.

Spirit has decided and, somewhere deep within, you have also made the agreement that you are ready. Also, the person on your table has chosen that you could be their sacred space holder. You + Another + Spirit. All three are required.

3. There is a match

If you are a person who’s just decided that you’re only interested in the physical aspect of bodywork and not really comfortable connecting in the spirit place, you will attract people that are at that level. If they only want bodywork, they are going to find you.

If you’re the kind of practitioner that is willing to go deep with someone then you will attract people who are looking for deep healing. They’re going to find you because Spirit is going to bring you together.

Trust Kupuna to bring the right things to happen on your table.

Have you had an encounter that inspired you to ask Spirit for wisdom and trust the answer? Have a question for me? I’d love to hear about it in the comments below.

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5 thoughts on “I Thought She Was Going to Have a Stroke”

  1. This is such a beautiful insight to share. I had been on a lomi training and the same thing happened while I was working on my partner.

    I had received a massage from her earlier that morning where I had had a huge watery emotional release and when I then worked on her it was as if our souls just continued the dance. Her entire body just stiffened, her arms stretched out completely rigid, toes curled just as you described so well. I panicked and had no idea what to do, then I think spirit took over because I saw myself climb on top of her on the bed and just held her as best as I could. Just breathing, holding and gently touching her like you would comfort a child.

    Although we are on opposite sides of the world, the work will always be true.

    From Sunny South Africa.


  2. A similar thing happened to me while I was receiving my very first Lomi. I didn’t know what was happening but my body was seizing up, specifically my hands, feet and face.
    My therapist wasn’t sure what was happening either but continued with Lomi and I came back to myself eventually. Was a very strange feeling but left the room feeling renewed.

  3. Powerful sharing,Jeana! I miss you in our hula circle but you are where you are supposed to be. No doubt about that. I want to learn that oli. It makes so much sense. I am encouraged and enlightened. Mahalo! Mahalo nui!

  4. Thank you for fixing the link.
    It is beautiful story…
    There have been many times that during a session, I am “told” what technique to use. Spirit will not rest until I do it! Always to my client’s benefit…

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