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Where Are You Finding Hope

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Last week, I asked the members of our Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana around the world where they are finding hope these days. I hope you enjoy some of their answers as much as I have.


It’s sometimes hard to find the blessings during a time like this. We’re in various stages of #SaferAtHome, many of us have experienced loss, some of us are trying to entertain the kids and work at the same time, and the daily news can get scary at time.

So we wanted to find out in the midst of this crisis, “Where are you finding hope?”

Mahalo to those of your in the Ho’omana ‘Ohana worldwide who responded to our question. Here are several answers (edited for length and clarity), that we found particularly inspiring, and we hope you find encouragement in them as well.


Knowing my lomi lomi ohana is in this world holding space

– DeAnn Corbin



I find hope in the endless resilience and regenerative power of Nature. We are Nature, and her cycles are our cycles. I always turn back to this for reminders and solace. I find hope in the awakening at hand and in the higher ground we are all moving towards. I can feel it. In the beautiful words of Arundhati Roy,”Another world is not only possible, she is on her way. On a quiet day I can hear her breathing.” Some days these days I can hear her roar. And it gives me great hope and strength.  – Curry Patricia Anton. Florence, Italy



We can all take steps towards living in a way that connects us back to what truly matters to us. Family time and making time to live a more caring and natural way is possible. We all have been given a wake up call of our mortality and we are blessed with the freedom to redefine life into our future and live with purpose. I have found I am more spiritually aligned to step out in faith. I am able to let go of what holds me from living life the way my soul compels me, to achieve peace in my heart and mind …time to pause reflect and connect with love to those who care

Leanne Martin-Hopkins. Papakura Auckland, New Zealand


I perceive this crisis as a process of change that leads us to more cooperation and a higher level of consciousness as humanity. Don’t fight it and believe your own creative power – that gives me hope.

 – Hedda Feldhoff-Reif, Germany.




I am filled with excitement and hope for a more loving world because communication and listening are happening. Where there are disagreements, instead of the ‘opposition’ being a faceless, nameless other, people are becoming aware that it is their friends, neighbors, family and community members that have dissenting points of view. Rather than trying to win or be right, I see more endeavoring to listen . I think this is a beautiful shift toward mindful co-creation.

 – Frances Salvato. Pukalani, HI



I have found great pleasure and inspiration in getting carried away by music, preparing meals for my loved ones, soaking in the sun, and indulging in simple self care practices. Some things I enjoy in my healing routine include candle lit showers, herbal smudges, groovy meditation tunes, light stretching/movement, and breathing in fresh air.

 – Kendell Bradish, California



 I find hope in all the people helping each other, being more loving and positive.  More and more people are starting to realize that we are going through a great spiritual awakening all over the planet. Things that would have ended in violence before are not causing that reaction any longer. People are coming together in Unity to work out their differences and the majority of people want to create a peaceful world where everyone is taken care of. People are actively looking for their soul path, not just going through the motions of 3-D living.

Debbie Dehm,



In the arms of nature I find hope. Nature is connected with the spirit of Aloha.

If I fall from of nature, there is separation and anxiety and fear. So I trust in nature, unity, humanity, everything, every being, everyday everywhere. Freedom to do it is inside me. Peace to be is inside me.

Lomi Lomi Nui, Music, singing, dancing, our children is unconditional all-compassing love in action. Energy flows where attention goes. If I can’t understand the journey of life I believe it is just a path of learning.

Bettina-Maria Druskus. Hanover, Germany

Join the conversation…what brings YOU hope these days?


Reading your comments is a highlight in my week. Lomi Lomi ‘Ohana, you inspire me!

Warm aloha,

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2 thoughts on “Where Are You Finding Hope”

  1. Hello like I said I tend to my mom my best friend at 91 yrs young, love her so much, Just to see her smile fills me. So my massage and clients and especially with COVID-19 have diminished quite a bit. Your encouraging video’s are so well excepted and encourage me to still hope on a day of recovery for the world and open the economy with caution.I miss massaging and knowing I improve the health healing power massage impact on people. So blessed to have you responding to me with you having so many students. Thank you so much blessings.

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