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How to Stay Together When the World is Falling Apart

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How do we stay together when the world is falling apart? Lokahi, which means “One consciousness connects us all.”

We are One. This is one of the spiritual principles of Lomi Lomi.

Hawaiians have a pule, a chant, named I Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi, one consciousness connects us all. It’s about going back to our original agreements that we made with Source when we decided to come into this human embodiment.

Clearly, we, as a society, have forgotten one of those original agreements. We agreed to love one another.

We have allowed the hierarchy of power, jealousy, envy, anger, greed, and hatred cloud, our perspective.

We no longer see one another as Just One Family.

Children of the Rainbow


According to my teacher Aunty Mahilani Poepoe, we are the children of the rainbow. We are charged with spreading the arms of aloha around the globe. Brown, white, yellow, red, called to be activated for the purpose of healing our lineages.

And these are actually our true colors. We have a birthright that came with us when we arrived here. It was given with the divine breath of Source.

We are all connected by the breath as one family here as humans right now.

What is happening in the world is heartbreaking.

You’ve seen it on the news. We have all felt it. Wow, this is out of hand. This is out of control.

The current situation is a picture of the ultimate imbalance. This is what happens when we have broken our agreements to see each other and love each other as one family,

Aunty Mahilani Poepoe,worked with the United nations in a coalition for global peace. Five elders with an intention to have peace shine across all lands. A commitment to help people remember the agreements of Oneness.

The United Nations has a Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Human rights are inherent to all human beings, regardless of race, sex, nationality, ethnicity, language, religion, or any other status. Human rights include the right to life and Liberty freedom from slavery and torture, freedom of opinion, and expression. The right to work and to have an education. Everyone is entitled to these rights without discrimination, without question.

Remember Who You Are


I sat with Baba Credo Mutwa, one of the elders, in the Kalahari desert in 2014. He had been a freedom fighter in his youth. Over time he had become a wisdom keeper. A keeper of ancient African relics.

Now, he was a lion shaman. A revered elder.

He stood among a circle of students and we waited for his teachings.

“Oh my goodness, what did I do to deserve this, to have these visitors? I feel like I’m a monkey standing in a room full of lions!”

We looked at one another thinking, Who, us? We’re the lions? No! You’re the lion…we’re the monkeys!

In that moment, I realized. He did not see us as “less than”.

Age, citizenship and credentials did not matter. He saw all of us as equal.

Baba Credo spoke of a golden age long ago. We arrived here with those original agreements, radiant in our divinity. Shining with our connection. He said we were like gods and goddesses walking the planet.

Black and white standing together beside the lion. We were not afraid. We were respectful of the lion and we were respected by the lion.

We worked together and lived in harmony all across the land.

Then came a time of forgetting. We failed to remember the agreements had made with one another to see each other as equals. We forgot to stand as one family and hold up the torch of light for peace.

Baba Credo taught when we gather in prayer with intention, one to another, soul to soul, there is light in the house of God.

Be the Light


The positive intention of peace brings hope. it shines a light on what’s happening in the world and shows us what is possible.

Hold that light for yourself. Use it to step up and illuminate the light in everything and everyone.

Part of our role as Lomi Lomi practitioners is to stand in that level of spirituality when someone is lying on your table. See them as sisters and brothers, grandparents, aunties and uncles, children. Acknowledge them as part of your family.

In that moment, you create Aloha, connection, and oneness that can really bring us together. You will initiate a shift  that can make all of the difference in the world right now.

The principles of pule (prayer), connecting soul to soul and seeing each other as family come from the original teachings of Lomi Lomi.

They are the foundation of our practice.

We have the ability to hold a light of peace, harmony, and Aloha. With our practice, we illuminate the divine place that resides in each and every person.

Each of us came to this planet with Aloha as our birthright. It’s just about remembering.

And the more that we can be example for remembering who we really are in our practice, in our life with our community, with our family, this is how we’re going to change the world.

We are equals. Each has a unique gift and contribution.

I wants to share a chant with you for oneness, I Ke Kahi I Ke Kahi. I teach this oli (chant) during the Lomi Lomi Fundamentals course at Ho’omana.

It’s appropriate for today because it means that one consciousness connects us all.

Use this chant to lift your vibration and send out Aloha.

E Ho’o Kahi Kahi Mana’o:  Let us bring together our thoughts

E Ho’o Kahi Pu’u Wai: Let us bring together our hearts, let us bring our hearts together.

E Ho’o Kahi Malama Pono: Let us bring together a sense of caring, awareness and deeper discernment. We seek an understanding that allows us more time for compassion

E Ho’o Kahi Aloha Mau: Let us bring together enduring and infinite love. Remember that love conquers all!

Let’s lift up this chant of understanding together, right now, and acknowledge that one consciousness connects us all.

E Ho’o Kahi Kahi Mana’o

E Ho’o Kahi Pu’u Wai

E Ho’o Kahi Malama Pono

E Ho’o Kahi Aloha Mau

Ua Mau Ka’ea I Ka ‘Aina I Ka Pono

The translation of the last line: the land is perpetuated in righteousness. But if you want a deeper understanding, it means the very life, breath and spirit of the land, endures in right relationship with the people in all living things.

We are all one family. Will you join me? Share your thoughts in the comments below.

With aloha,

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4 thoughts on “How to Stay Together When the World is Falling Apart”

  1. Aloha kumu Jeana,
    In Slovenia, it is funny to most people to sing them before and after the massage. But there are also some who find this interesting. They say the Hawaiian language is very beautiful and melodious. It is interesting, however, that when my clients enter the salon, they are greeted with aloha. I am very happy about that. Everyone understands that there is a place of relaxation, love and oneness here. There is no pursuit and hostility, only aloha spirit.
    With aloha, Tamara

  2. Aloha Kumu Jeana,

    I am so grateful for your words, presence, and voice.
    Your light shines SO brightly, illuminating ALL those around you.
    Since 2014, you have been my greatest teacher.

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing the gifts of ho’oponopono and lomilomi with me.
    I continue to cherish and share them with all my heart.
    May you, your family, all our family, continue to receive these blessings.

    Wishing you happiness, health, and abundant love!
    With admiration and deep respect, Dawn Kuleana Freitas.

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