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How to Be Aloha as the World Re-Opens

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As the World begins to re-open, I find myself asking the question “How can I be Aloha in the midst of fear?”

We’ve all had the experience of drinking a glass of water or taking a bite of food and having it go down the “wrong pipe”. You cough. Choke. Sputter and after a moment, it passes.

Today, that one simple action – it could happen to anyone – can bring panic to everyone in the room.

I walk down the sidewalk and see someone walking towards me. Immediately, these choices pop into my head. Do I…

  1. Jump off the path and walk in the street
  2. Turn my head as they pass
  3. Hold my breath

I’m still getting used to the new normal of mask wearing and supermarkets, thermometer scans at the chiropractic office and the distance hug.

Wherever you’re at personally with all that’s going on right now, this is a reminder to take a deep breath of aloha.

Be Aloha


Alo is the Hawaiian word that means to face one another. Ha is the breath. Our greeting literally means to face one another and exchange divine breath.

It’s going to take some time for us to adapt and learn a whole new way of being out. Be patient.

People are feeling all sorts of triggers right now. Fear of getting infected. Upset at those who are taking things too seriously or not seriously enough. The thrill of being able to get outside again and the possibility of having that all taken away. Be aware.

Feelings are natural, but we can’t let them define who we are. Do not use your feelings as an excuse to send negative energy towards someone else. Be kind.

There are many places we may not agree with other people’s actions.

Should everyone wear a mask or not?

Is it time to open businesses or should they stay closed a while longer?

Can I hug my neighbor or is it better to keep my distance?

Stay home or go out?

We are caught up in a cloud of conflicting behaviors, mindsets, beliefs, and information. So what can we do?

Choose Aloha


One thing is for certain, we must maintain aloha. It is our decision how we wish to respond to these inconsistencies around us.

Hoʻoponopono has some great wisdom for these times.

Our personal, divine essence is like a bowl of light – pure, bright, and shining with the light of spirit. When we are faced with our own internal triggers in each moment, it can feel like riding an emotional roller coaster.

Reacting with negativity is like placing a stone into our bowl of light. How do you recognize the stones? You feel heavy. Stuck. Out of alignment. Off your center. Out of balance. It doesn’t feel good.

We cannot control the actions of others, but we can choose Aloha.

When we find ourselves reacting, recognize that it is not in alignment with our true nature of aloha. Only you can release that stone and in its place, bring in another energy.

Practice Aloha


One of my mindset mentors, Ben Elliot, uses this meditation.

When I feel ___X___, I do ___Y___.

Take a moment and identify a person, situation or conversation that has you “triggered”. Now, imagine your highest self is responding. What would they say or do? How would they act?

Write it down and say it aloud.

This is what it looks like for me: I was waiting in line with my baby girl to enter the grocery store and an older gentleman stepped into line behind me. He was holding a mask in his hand and talking on his cell phone. I felt he was not being mindful and it seemed he was creeping up on us. It definitely didn’t feel like he was six feet away.

I inched forward a bit. He followed.

I noticed my thoughts getting angry. “Back off!” Judgemental. “Pay attention!”

And then I remembered, I have a choice to make.

When I feel X-AFRAID that others are too close, I will Y-SMILE and MOVE away.

There is a moment of breath before we react. Use that moment to practice Aloha.

It’s completely normal to be upset, but there is no need to be unkind. Aloha is what the world needs right now.

When I feel X, I do Y.

Now, it’s your turn

Take some time to examine your triggers, set an intention and make time to practice.

Without the heaviness of these stones, you are FREE. You will be a ray of sunshine wherever you are in whatever situation. Use this tool to support you in your commitment to be aloha to the people around you. This is a beautiful gift you can give your family, your community, to all of those essential workers who ask you kindly to wear a mask, wherever you are, whatever the circumstances.

Take a moment and share with me in the comments below. What is a situation that is triggering you? What is your “When I feel X, I do Y” statement?

I read and respond to every comment, personally.

With aloha,

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12 thoughts on “How to Be Aloha as the World Re-Opens”

  1. Aloha Kakahiaka
    Mahalo nui loa e ALOHA
    Live Aloha Give Aloha Think and transmit Aloha
    within send Aloha with the Katakani
    with a smile or just with your lips
    everyone one will hear it see it and mostly feel it.
    Your meditation is foremost prominent.
    Mahalo nui loa

  2. Mahalo Dear Jeana,
    Thank you for your loving gifts. You are right on time! Everybody around me ..and I myselfe, seem to be so hypersensitiv (+-vulnerable) that „ things“ go very quickly in an unloving direction. So thank you for reminding aloha. My Y is: „go into your heart, let it ( and everything ) take a bath in there. Let it melt in compassion for yourselfe and others“.
    My/ our heart seem to be the bridge to remember devine source within me and within orhers.
    …. and my heart opens up, when I read your messages.
    Big thank you from Svabhav- Maria E.

  3. Aloha I like your way of writing what you want to share With us. Mahalo for that. I went to Hawaii in October and return next year. I know Lei’Ohu Ryder, Maydeen. Probably I’m interested in one of your trainings. I’m a Lomilomi practitioner since 2011.

    1. Aloha Natasha, we would love to welcome you to Ho’omana for a training. All learning does not come from one school so it is great and aligned that you have some lomi training and that you have connection with my favorite Aunty’s on the Planet Lei’ohu and Maydeen

  4. Mahalo nui loa dear Jeana for sharing your manao. you are using your gifts to share and I so appreciate you. Much love to you and your family . Hope to see you in 2021 Hugs Patricia

    1. Mahalo for your words and for the Aloha you share. These beautiful feelings are those one we need in this time of ‘re-open’. Milena from Italy

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