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Emotional Release During Lomi Lomi Massage

woman having a lomi lomi massage and emotional release with therapist on a table

When someone experiences an emotional release during a massage, it can be a wonderful and intense experience. First, however, it’s essential to know how to stay grounded and provide a safe space for the person going through this. 

Recognizing what’s happening can help provide the best possible outcome. Lomi Lomi is known for its ability to move stagnant energy, so if you are performing this type of massage, stay aware of your feelings and how someone’s emotional release might affect you.

If you’re interested in learning about emotional release and how to react if it happens, check out the video below:



Recognizing an Emotional Release

An emotional release is actually a movement of energy – it occurs when there is stagnant energy that needs to move. Right before it happens, you may notice someone’s voice heightening or their breaths quickening. You might also see shivering, cold sweating, or even profuse laughter. 

An emotional release can also look like this:

  • crying
  • whimpering
  • quivering breath
  • inability to control body parts
  • convulsions and flatulence
  • a stiffened body

Any of these reactions may be experienced by someone who is undergoing an emotional release or out-of-body experience.

An emotional release can be powerful and intense, but it is also a sign of healing and growth. When someone experiences an emotional release during your massage session, it means that they’re releasing energy that no longer serves them and moving forward in life without feeling weighed down.


What to Do

If someone experiences an emotional release during your massage, simply stay calm and provide a safe environment. 

Let the person know that you’re there during this experience and act as their anchor. Stay connected in a way that makes them feel supported. 

Don’t abandon them and allow the person to release as much energy as they need – just let it happen without judgment.

If you think it’s a good idea, you can sing a lullaby to them or use another calming technique to help them relax. 

For some, an emotional release is like being reborn. Like with babies, it may help if you roll someone onto their belly and help them extend their arms forward into child’s pose or onto their hands and knees. Then, you can help them crawl to the edge of the table and help them stand up. 

You can also offer them food, which can help bring them back down into a more aware, present state. Food is very grounding and can be helpful in situations like this.


Staying Grounded Yourself

As a massage practitioner, it is important to stay grounded during an emotional release to avoid absorbing your client’s energy and becoming unbalanced. You may feel sad or sensitive after someone experiences an emotional release on your table, but that’s okay – just take time for yourself and stay aware of your surroundings and how you feel.

If you’re worried about how this type of experience might affect your own spirit, you can ground yourself using the legs of your table. Wood is helpful as a grounding material, and you can keep cedar or palo santo on hand if you feel like you need tools that will help you stay grounded while witnessing an emotional release.

Another thing that can help is tea leaves in salt and spring water. 

When experiencing an emotional release, you must also stay conscious of your breath. Deep and conscious breathing will help you move your energy throughout your body to anchor your own spirit. 

Having a sound with a continuous flow will also help. This can include a fountain, a chant, or any repetitive vocalization.

If a person experiences an emotional release, keep in mind that you are safe and secure during the process. 


Understand Your Client’s Needs

As a practitioner, you need to appreciate the process and understand what happens when someone’s spirit is out of their body and when it comes back in. This process can be a shock to the system, so you need to know what to do.

You must stay grounded since you’ll need to be the one to hold the place open so that their soul can return to their body. We’re not providing a safe space when we travel too far with our clients without being anchored. 

If you’re interested in emotional release, I would love to hear from you. In a comment below, let me know:

  1. What does an emotional release look like on your table?
  2. Which of these techniques will you try next?

Being a safe place for your clients to release their troubles is a wonderful gift you give to the world…mahalo for being you!

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8 thoughts on “Emotional Release During Lomi Lomi Massage”

  1. Oh my , thats so very precious to have somebody sharing this and prepairing you gor it. Mahalo, mahalo nui e Kumu Jeana for your tireless suport to all the practitioners that are ready to drink from your source . I love you !
    I realy hope to are soon traveling again so that I can learn from you again here in kuikilana .
    Me ke aloha pumehana – a hui hou nō ! 🌺😘

  2. I’ve experienced emotional releases of all different kinds on my table. Lately it hasn’t been as frequent as previous years. I believe it’s due to my schedule being so full and busy that I’m always on the edge of burnout. Hearing some advice on this would be very helpful!
    I appreciate your sharing your knowledge regarding this topic, which was very helpful to me.
    Mahalo and God Bless

  3. Thank you for sharing your knowledge. I’ve witnessed the ashen grey appearance in a loved one. I was not in treatment with this person, but the color was so vivid I was taken aback. The moments of interaction drained me until I started focusing on my breath. Now I know I wasn’t “seeing things” when I noticed the grey aura.

    I’ll be joining your month long workshop and looking forward to it, now more than ever.

    1. Aloha Diane!

      Mahalo for taking the time to share a bit of your experience.

      I am honored and delighted to share these Hawaiian teachings with you! Can’t wait to see you on classes very soon!

      Sending Aloha wherever you are! 💖💖💖

  4. Thank you so very much for all the teachings you are sharing – for free – as an offering
    This interests me personally and professionally
    My energy work does create emotional releases
    Specifically I was teaching a group
    And one man went into stiffening – I was told it was tetany? It was quite scared for me but I did ground and got him up eventually
    I love the flower crawl to table a beautiful rebirth in the body healing
    I’d love to study this in depth more

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