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Time to Commit and Come Together

It’s time to commit and come together. 

This post is a reminder of who we are and what we are doing in the world. As healthcare workers, light workers, energy healers and cultural practitioners, we are people of service. 

First of all, I want to just thank you for reading my blog each week. The truth is, I need you and the world needs you. They need you to show up in the way that you’ve always shown up…in service.

The uncertainty in our world is producing a lot of fear. I’ve had more than one conversation about fitful sleep and sleepless nights .

Sometimes, it’s even hard to breathe.

You are not alone. We’re all in this together. The coronavirus isn’t just choosing by race, religion, geography or any of the ways that we usually separate ourselves. It is affecting everyone.

I want you to know that what I’m committing to, especially in this time that we’re together, is just clearing all of that away so I can just really show up for what’s needed right now.

Time to Commit

Commit to yourself. Commit to your community. Decide how you want to show up each and every day. Decide today.

Recently, I woke up to a message from a friend. It was a poem that moved me and now I want to share it with all of you:

History will remember when the world stopped

And the flights stayed on the ground

And the cars parked in the street

And the trains didn’t run.

History will remember when the school is closed

And the children stayed indoors

And the medical staff walk towards the fire

And they did not run.

History will remember when the people

Sang on their balconies in isolation,

But still very much together,

In courage and song.

History will remember when the people fought

For their old and their weak

And protected the vulnerable

By doing nothing at all.

History will remember when the virus left

And the houses opened

And the people came out

And hugged and kissed and started again

Kinder than before.

That’s what got me out of bed this morning. This poem inspired me to focus on what it was that needed to happen today. It prepared me for this time with you and all of the things that are ahead of me today.

You and I are a part of a movement. Every one of us has gifts and talents to share.

We all have a kuleana, responsibility, to be a torchlight for yourself, for your family, your community. This is the time to re-commit. It’s time to re-engage and stop hiding away.

Wake Up and Come Together

I will admit that I’ve had moments where I just wanted to stay in bed and pull the covers over my head. I’ve had that thought, “I hope when I wake up this is just going to be a dream.”

But it’s not. This is real and I just want you to know that we’re in this together.

There is nothing wrong with tears. They are just energy moving, and I’m here to be with all of you. I’m going to continue to show up week by week. I’m going to continue to connect with you all and show up as a leader.

I believe the message of this poem is true. We, the collective we, are going to show up kinder than before. People will need our support going forward and I want to be a part of that conversation. The exciting part is that we get to dream this new conversation into being.

I want to be part of the going forward conversation because if I just sit idle and do nothing right now, I’m going to go mad.

I need to continue to put my energies towards what is coming next and what is coming next is a brighter future. One with more kindness, less separation. Knowing we moved through and we made it by supporting one another.

I see a future where we look at each other and every person even strangers and say, “Yes, we got through this because we did it together.”

I cry because there is a hope in my heart and I want to send that to all of you. I trust that we’re going to continue to work on this in connection with one another. Mahalo for being here.

If you are committing as well, leave a message in the comments below. Tell me that you’re committed to show up in positivity with hope, with engagement and knowing that even through this time of isolation we are in this. Together.

Photo of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

18 thoughts on “Time to Commit and Come Together”

  1. I have injured my wrist, if anyone would like to pule for me and my recovery, I appreciate it. Also, the ladies that I walk with think that I cannot keep a man. Jeanna, I am a little frustrated they would take this position after I was married over 20 years and fully loved. Advice? Mahalo and Ahui hou

    1. Aloha Hollyanne,
      Most of the time disagreements stem from people’s perceptions based on their own past experience, values, beliefs, unresolved hurts. There is usually much more going on under the surface of comments like that and typically it has more to do with the one making the comment than the person it is being directed towards. Consider that just because they feel this way does not mean that it is base in truth. You get to choose to be the master of your moment and whether or not you are going to allow a comment to pull you off your center. Do YOU with love and compassion and continue to shine the light of who you are. You will see the environment shift around your conversations with this person.

  2. Beautiful words. Beautiful poem. Beautiful heart and intention. Yes, we wake up and do our practices and show up with light and love. One moment and one day at a time…With aloha…mahalo…🌺🤗

  3. Unida a Ti a Maui y a Hawaii de corazón
    Te siento hermana en la luz, la naturaleza y en el espíritu de servicio que nos une
    por siempre y para siempre
    Entregando amor consciencia cariño apoyo y lo que haga falta
    para que todos unidos aprendamos la lección y cambiemos al paradigma de hermanos sin condición
    Mahalo Nui Loa por Ser y estar en mi vida maestra

    1. Mahalo Maria Carman for your kind words. I know you are out there holding up the torch of light and aloha in your community and you are needed now more than ever to spread compassion and love. Mahalo for being such a light.

  4. Thank you for your blog and your message. Your courage keeps us all together like one candle of light lighting the other and that keeps the hope alive. As an energy healer, this uncertain time has given me more extra time to focus on the things I have wanted to pursue but just never had the time cara time to really care for myself. So I am Re committing myself to practicing Reiki and am currently working on sending distance sessions on a donation basis only. I am working on more things to help my community. Sending love and light your way always . We will grow from this!

  5. Thank you Kumu – you are truly a life line right now for SOOO many of us – I’m RECOMITED!!! ALOHA!!!

  6. Yes I am committed to this!! I love the poem you shared here and had already made it my cover photo on FB because it resonates with my heart. I was on your live call last week and was so blessed by it and was so lifted by your uplifting energy you shared with us and tools and stories. Sending you so much love and agreement and I resonate with your heart and long to be part of the bringing of the new into this earth. With so much gratitude. This truly is our golden opportunity and I am committed!! Much love Sheila from Ireland

  7. Mahalo for being here Kumu. Your emails and the FB ohana are my first reads of the day. I am committed to hold the torch and you keep that fire burning. I do have hope and even feel more love, connection and positivity moving forward. Also, I chant throughout the day everyday since I have been home. Feeling committed and very connected. I am grateful for many things, you being my latest inspiration and looking forward to seeing you at the next retreat. With Aloha, Suzi

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