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Kukakuka Hawaiian Talk Therapy

Kukakuka, is one aspect in the Hawaiian practice of ho’oponopono where we discover and take responsibility for our soul stories.

It is a powerful practice that anyone can learn.

Earlier this year, Forbes magazine ran this headline…

“Emotional & Physical Pain Are Almost The Same – To Your Brain”

Science is finally starting to back up what Hawaiian wisdom has taught us all along…sometimes, physical pain is just a warning sign that you have some energetic or spiritual issues to resolve.

Health and healing start when the emotional, physical, spiritual and energetic bodies are in alignment.

But how do you, as a healing practitioner, support your clients in this process?

By using the practice of kukakuka, you learn how to intuitively lead a ho’oponopono session with your clients to find the answers – and healing – they are seeking within.

Here is a simple guide to begin cultivating this powerful, native Hawaiian process.

1. Call upon Intuitive Guidance

I begin every session by calling in my guides, my ancestors and creators ource to come and reveal to me anything that’s needed in order to hold space for the very highest for the person who’s lying on my table.

Next, I invite their guides and ancestors of the client, to work together with me and mine to bring about the highest outcome.

Asking for guidance is critical, because the process of Ho’oponopono, goes beyond the spoken word. It goes beyond diagnosis and examination.

We are aware there may be something happening in the unseen.

Everyone has a story. All of those soul stories are held within the body.
In kukakuka, we uncover what may have been lying dormant and hold space for trauma to come forward to the conscious awareness.

We are holistic beings, spirit. Lomi Lomi practitioners, work with all of our bodies – spiritual, mental, physical and emotional.

When we press those buttons, even on the physical side of things, it opens up other aspects of our being.

The wisdom of the bones can help us to see the underlying spiritual, emotional aspect of what might be going on when someone presents with physical illness.

You can uncover this, and the way that we uncover this is by calling upon intuitive guidance.

2. Demonstration of kukakuka


I had a client, a marathon runner with symptoms that began with numbness and tingling in her lower leg.

By the time she came to my table, she was no longer experiencing tingling. Just numbness.

She couldn’t run. The doctors had run all of the tests and couldn’t find anything wrong with her.

She was desperate for answers.

Watch me demonstrate the practice of kukakuka and the Wisdom of the Bones to discover the emotional and energetic source of her leg numbness.



3. Allow the answer to come from within


Kukakuka is useful to uncover those places in the unseen. It will allow your client to experience the self-reflection needed to take responsibility for their personal choices and actions.

I used therapeutic Lomi Lomi techniques – releasing the muscles around the joint, working on the glutes, opening the energy centers from the spine to the legs.

But I know, the healing came because she was there to do the emotional and spiritual work.

I was the vessel, the support and the guide. She was the one who discovered the answer found within.

This is how we use kukakuka and our Lomi Lomi practice.

I learned from amazing teachers like Aunty Mahilani Poepoe, and Kumu Mike Lee. Even if they heard just a tiny bit of the story, they cultivated a practice to walk people back to the place where the bones would reveal the fullness of the event.

Aloha is the final requirement. Stand in divine breath space, holding for the ultimate highest outcome of the person who’s lying on the table and you can experience the healing tradition of kukakuka.

Tell me…how could this knowledge lead to positive change in your practice?

Signature of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai


3 thoughts on “Kukakuka Hawaiian Talk Therapy”

  1. I was wondering , will there always be a story behind a physical pain or can it sometimes just be purely physical like a client breaking his ribs at the gym for example?

  2. Thank you Kumu Jeana,
    An extremely enlightening blog!
    I will use this technique when questioning my clients who continue to hold on to emotional stress that I believe manifests physically.
    Much gratitude 🙏

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