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Lomi Lomi for Elbow Pain

Woman holds ice pack on her elbow to treat pain

How To Treat Tennis Elbow Pain and Reduce Swelling with lomi lomi massage techniques.

One of the best ways to treat stubborn tennis elbow is with physical therapy. It can improve blood flow to the tendons, which will speed healing, too. 

Tennis elbow is an injury you can have even if you never pick up a racquet. It happens when the tendons that connect your forearm muscles to the bones in your elbow become inflamed.

Tennis elbow is not just for athletes. The pain is caused by inflammation of the tendons in the forearm that can affect anyone who works with their hands.

Construction workers, plumbers, anyone who works on a computer and especially…massage therapists.

The burning pain can make it hard to do simple things like shaking hands, holding a cup, turning a doorknob or buttoning up your pants.  Ouch!

Mistakes to Avoid when Treating Tennis Elbow

Many different muscles at the end of your arm bone must work together to lift your wrist and fingers.  The extensors are a muscle group that often feel tender with tennis elbow and it may tempting to go right to the source of pain begin your massage.

However, you must first release the muscles around the area if you want to get fast relief.

The next mistake that people make is massaging the tender area right away. This can aggravate the radial nerve.

It will take a minimum of 72 hours to get relief if you aggravate nerve pain, so you want to be very careful when you begin treatment.

The final mistake is focusing only on physical pain. You must consider what may be going on spiritually and emotionally if you want to get fast and lasting pain relief.

In Hawaiian healing practices, we use the wisdom of the bones.

It is the spiritual and energetic road map of the body. We follow the clues of physical pain to uncover the emotional or energetic source.

Wisdom of the Bones for Forearms

The wisdom of the bones for pain at the elbow and the forearm has to do with holding on too tight.

Notice where you, or your client, are holding on versus letting go. Especially in matter of the heart.

Clutching, grabbing, grasping, and not allowing relationships to move on when they should be complete. It may have to do with not being open to new possibilities.

I had a client come in as a body model in our Advanced Lomi Lomi class. He was diagnosed with tennis elbow and had been living with terrible pain.

“I can’t even button my pants anymore,” he said. “Where I live in New York, everyone else is dressed to impress, but I have to wear pants with an elastic waist. I hate it.”

This had been going on…for years.

We started with kukakuka, Hawaiian talk story for self-healing, he told me the pain started five years ago, just after his wife had asked him for a divorce.

However, he didn’t want to give her the divorce. He wanted to make things work. After a year, he finally signed the papers.

I wanted her to go and live her life, but she was the love of my life. I didn’t want to let her go. There were many months of depression until finally, I was ready to get back out there and start dating again.”

Life is too short. I decided to start some sel-care and giving back to myself. So, I went back to the gym and started working with a personal trainer. That’s how I was injured. Lifting weights.”

I thought of the wisdom of the bones and holding on versus letting go.

Ho’oponopono for Elbow Pain

We did some Ho’oponopono work, which is the act of being in alignment with yourself, with others and with the divine. He did some work around releasing his wife to go live her life. 

The truth is, when one door closes another door can open. It may even be the best thing that you ever did!

Isn’t it possible your perfect person, who will stand beside you for the rest of your years is waiting on the other side of that door?

We finished our Ho’oponopono and followed up with the lomi lomi massage techniques in the video below.

 When he got up off the table, he was able to do the motion of buttoning his pants. The very same move he hadn’t done in five years!

I believe had to do with the prayers we use at the start of every session and the intention for healing.  This gentleman also did his own work.

Ua ola loko I ke aloha, Healing comes from within by means of love, is one of our Hawaiian proverbs.  By releasing her on an emotion level, he was able to overcome a physical challenge that had been plaguing him for five years.

Lomi Lomi Techniques for Tennis Elbow

Lomi Lomi practitioners understand energy, emotion and spirit, but we have tools and techniques to work on the physical body.

Here are 3 lomi lomi massage techniques that will bring fast relief to tennis elbow.

If you learned something today, I want you to write your takeaway in the comments below and let me know if this was helpful for you.

This is a place where we can gather to spread the arms of Aloha around the world, share Lomi Lomi healing techniques, the teachings of Aloha spirit and Hawaiian healing. 

I love your questions and comments. They are a highlight to my week. 

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13 thoughts on “Lomi Lomi for Elbow Pain”

  1. Thank you so much for your instructional videos Jeana. I practiced this along with you and can’t wait to use it on my patient tomorrow with lateral epicondylitis. I hope you know how much your videos are appreciated!

    1. Aloha Barbara! 🌺 That’s so thoughtful to hear from you! ☺️ I’m glad I got to share the amazing Aloha and Hawaiian teachings and authentic truth of Lomi Lomi 🙌 My heart is full to these wonderful words ❤️🌈

  2. Hi Jeana, love the the video, thank you for sharing! I am curious, if the brachial is tight and sore, but instead of the extensors, it’s the bicep and and pec major that are tight and ropey. Would that be related to this or totally different, and if it’s different would the tack and strength still be helpful.

  3. Thank you! I appreciate your guidance so much. My shoulder and forearm feel better after doing this work. My mind and heart feel better after letting myself be aware and to relax. Much mahalo!

  4. Mahalo Jeanna, wonderful video. I followed along all the steps. Yes to first looking at what we may be holding onto in our life that it’s time for us to let go of.

    I find doing what Maka’ala called compression-traction to be more effective for me than pin and stretch. Yes to the specific areas you recommend working on. I’ll continue using this process.
    me ke aloha, Barbara Helynn

    1. Aloha Barbara! 🌺 Thank you for following on this post! This one’s really helpful and I’m glad you applied it into yourself with of course resonating the true meaning of Lomi Lomi and Aloha goodness! 🌈✨

  5. Hi Jeanna
    I love watching all you are sharing about Lomi Lomi. I love everything about lomi it’s the most amazing massage ever and the healing is profound I hope to come to Maui to learn all you teach about lomi lomi sending much Love to you and all at Ho’omana spa 💕💕💕

    1. Aloha Joan! 🌺🌸 I’m glad to share the true meaning of aloha and Lomi Lomi teachings! 💓 I love to see you in classes! We have some spots left this coming April Lomi classes and this also year’s Immersion that will be on quarter mid this year! It would be really amazing to see you! With aloha 🌈🌈🌈

  6. wow the radial nerve, the tennis elbow technique – awesome. I so feel this and have come across so many with this problem. Also the Question of WHEN did this start.. so many contractions are from emotional stimulation and not injuries.. I LOVE LOMI – using the prayer using the forgiveness
    …island wisdom is da best ! – Aloha and Mahalo

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