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How to Overcome your Fear

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Have you ever read an intake form, seen the report of a massive injury or history of chronic pain and thought…

I don’t know if I have all the skills this person needs to fully heal.

What if I can’t really help?

What if I make it worse?!

As lomi lomi practitioners, we set the intention for loving touch and spread the arms of Aloha around the world but that doesn’t mean we don’t have fear. Some call it…

😱😱 Imposter Syndrome.

Fear can lead you to lose your confidence and wonder…am I enough?

We’ve all been there. If you stay in that mindset, you are not free to receive creative ideas and spiritual solutions.

The truth is, you ARE enough and it’s okay if you still need some help to make the shift.

Ancient Hawaiian wisdom gives 3 useful insights to help you move through the fear and share your authentic healing gifts in every session.


It doesn’t matter if you are a new grad or an experienced lomi lomi practitioner. When you see a client with an injury or complication you’ve never seen before, it’s easy to think “I really want to make a difference for this person, but what if I can’t help? What if the pain doesn’t go away?”

I’ve had these thoughts myself, and you are not alone.

Aunty Mahilani Poepoe gave me this advice:

“Don’t go into the fear. When you go into the fear, you block your ability to bring intuitive guidance and integrate it into your sessions.”

There is an impact when you give energy to negative thought.

It can stop you from serving, so you don’t show up for yourself or others. Going into the fear means you give your power away.

Fear blocks the spiritual solutions and creative ideas that are waiting to come to you. It drains your energy and keeps you focused on yourself: 

Remember, it’s not your job to fix someone. Your responsibility is to hold space for someone and use your skillset


The solution? Breathe.

 Breathe in the divine energy of Aloha. The pause leaves space to intentionally respond to the situation in front of you.

Step back and take in a broad perspective of what might be going on. 

  • Is the person taking responsibility for their health by doing things they know will help them feel well?
  • Do they need a practitioner who has a different skillset or specialty than you?
  • Could there be an energetic or emotional issue that has not been addressed? 

There’s a reason this person found their way to you, with the exact skills that you have. You are going to lead them in this part of the journey, and if needed, pass them to another practitioner to support them the rest of the way.

Remember, there is divine timing. it doesn’t all need to fall on you as the practitioner. Share your gifts and then refer them on.

Call on support from Divine. Let intuitive guidance pour through to assist you in each and every situation. Let the ancestors and all of your Kumu Aloha who stand behind you in this work, do their work to support you.

We are connected to all knowledge all of the time. If there is insight ready to pour through, be open to hearing and trusting it.

Stand confident in the knowledge that you are enough and also trust the body’s knowing. Watch for the signs:

  • Watch the face of the person
  • Notice resistance by the body
  • Pay attention if something doesn’t “feel right”

As long are you are moving with care and intention, you will pick up on the body’s cues that happen when the person is lying on your table.


When you envision a positive outcome, you get to hold that greater amount of space.

You don’t have to take yourself so seriously. It’s not to say that there won’t be serious conditions that are going on before you. However, if find yourself thinking “I have to fix them”, it’s not the right mindset.

The right mindset is being IN joy. This is the best gift you can give to the person on your table. 

Remember, they’re probably scared. Maybe they are worried about missing work, angry they are unable to participate in the activities they love, wondering if they’ll ever be out of pain.

If you match that energy, who is going to hold up the torchlight of Aloha for them?

Take the opportunity to stand in divine breath, ask for guidance and be open to all the possibilities of healing.

All you need to do is hold a space of loving touch and share your authentic, healing gifts in every session.

Now, it’s your turn…is there something about Lomi Lomi you are wondering about? Something I can help you with?

Leave a comment below and I’d be honored to help.

Warm aloha,




Kumu Jeana Iwalani Nalaui






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      1. Hi good morning! I live on the island of Oahu and have been practicing Lomi and many modalities of massage therapy for many years; I would love refreshing my practice. Is your December class in-person on Maui? My values in my practice line up perfectly with what you’ve described in your blog. Aloha, Stephanie

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