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Ku I Ka Mana

Photo of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai

Kū I Ka Mana and learning how to receive spiritual guidance and insight


Life can be overwhelming, especially when things don’t go as planned.

We are at a unique time in history. We haven’t lived through a pandemic before.

We are learning to live with “not knowing” what the future holds.

If we want to move forward with this new normal, we have to go completely into beginner’s mind.

But HOW do we do that?

Ku I Ka Mana is the Hawaiian practice that will support your integration of knowledge, receiving spiritual guidance and insight.

This is a way of training the mind, to seek the answers within and receive spiritual and intuitive guidance

After all, the lessons you learn from life experience are the ones you never forget.

The practice of Kū I Ka Mana


hawaiian wood block art show a child receiving bits of knowledge from an elderHaunani Hopkins, the president of the Hawaiian Lomi Lomi association, gave me a piece of woodblock art. What you see is one of the teachers in this lineage, Auntie Margaret Machado.

She is speaking to a haumana, a student, and the drops you see are bits of knowledge dripping down into the bowl of knowledge the child will carry with her throughout her life.

Kū i ka mana, is when the teacher breaks down information in a way that allows the student to receive a teaching through experience.

The first and most important step is for a student to be in awareness. We call this maka’ala. In addition, they learn to move from their gut instinct, the na’au, and their intuition. 

The best way to inspire someone is to inspire them to tap into their intuition and allow the answer to come from within. 

Auntie Margaret described the process like this…

An elder takes a child out into the natural world. “Look child, what do you see? Watch. Learn. Observe”

“I see plants and the leaves have holes in them.”

“Very good, child. If the birds are eating, we can probably eat them safely also.

“I see the ocean. It seems wild.”

“Yes, Notice what is going on inside your mind. Are your thoughts calm? Do they match the feeling of the ocean? What is the ocean trying to tell you right now about the world around you?”


Modern day applications of Kū I Ka Mana


How is this relevant today? Here at Ho’omana, we work in a living classroom. Watch this video and experience Kū I Ka Mana for yourself as you learn some lomi lomi massage techniques.

If you want to learn Lomi Lomi with me here at Ho’omana, we have posted our workshop schedule here online.

Tell me, what would you like to learn about Lomi Lomi and the spiritual teachings of Aloha? Write a comment or ask a question in the comments below.

See you next week!

Photo of Kumu Jeana Iwalani Naluai





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